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Monday, April 16, 2012

its been a long time

Since I posted....

So much has been going on! We have been here for over two weeks now and we love it! There is a lot to get used to, like we have forgotten to take the trash out both times it has come :p We also set up recycling which I LOVE expect that they gave me one of those old tiny recycling bins....that is going to last me a week and they only come every other week.I want to paint and decorate everything, but it is a slow process since its pretty pricey.

We did paint Laney's room right away I will post pictures of that later, she is sleeping right now so I cant take any!

I have been doing some little inexpensive changes. I really wanted a table for Laney, she is really into writing and coloring. She has a few notebooks that she carries around and writes in. Lately she has been making baby signs and mommy and daddy signs. I have NO idea where that came from :) She also draws castles, cirlcles, rectangles and triangles hehe not really but she says she is drawing them:p So I took a side table that was too small to go next to our bed now that we have it up on a frame and painted it for Lane!

The table before, I painted it black years ago when I lived with Jenny

I sanded off the top of it since it was all bumpy, the black paint was cheap.

Then I primed it a million times

Daddy and Laney decided to help me paint! It was so much fun. I loved it:)

So serious
Finished product! The paint color is Summer Haze by Martha Stewart. I love pink but I didn't want another piece of pink furniture:) Now I have to repaint the chairs, I haven't decided exactly what I want to do to them yet.

Have a creative Monday!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I'm still here

I have been so busy with unpacking I haven't been blogging or reading any blogs! My reader is up to 500:( I hate when that happens! I really want to post pictures of the new house and maybe a video walk through idk would that be weird? I don't know how to post videos so I will have to get Caleb to help me! Right now I am laying down watching bones and eating gold fish(my new addiction). I hope to post again soon!

Have a relaxing night!