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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

a lazy couple days

We have had a lazy couple of days around here:) almost all of these pictures are taken from my bed hehe. This was the other night before we put Laney down we laid in mommy and daddys bed and watched some blues clues:)
Laners had a rough day she was pretty whiny all day so she  rested in my bed while I cleaned and let Heidi attack her hands
This was yesterday during the inspection:) sooooo sweet!!!! They both slept for forty five mins
another one of my sweeties:)
This morning Caleb was showing Laney how to use the flashlight on his phone and Kinsley just laid there next to her:) it was soooooo cute!!

I love this picture. She had just woken up from he nap and was sitting on my bed with me:)

I have been very relaxed the past couple of days. When I wanted to get stressed out I just stopped and changed the way I was doing things so that I didnt have to get upset. Like we were going to be late if I showered and put makeup on so I didnt :P I know its gross but it made me a lot more relaxed which made everyone happy. Besides it was just for the inspection.
I think I may be getting sick:( My throat is hurting and I am exhausted. I hope it is just allergies that will go away!

Have a healthy Tuesday night!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Florida Pictures and Wanderlust

I saw Wanderlust tonight with my mom, Mark and Uncle Wee. It was such a good movie! Holy crap it was hilarious! Their was a lot of nudity but it wasn't the kind where it is uncomfortable just funny as hell!

The movie is about how a couple from New York lose their job and end up at a hippie commune. The movie really made me realize that I need to slow down and enjoy the moments. I feel like I am always thinking about the future and what we have to get done next.
(Florida weather did great things for Laneys hair:))
Its easier said than done. I want to be fun and relaxed and most of the time I am, but sometimes life just catches me off guard and then its the end of the week and I feel like I haven't  been in the moment enough or just sat and watched my family play. Every time I do just sit and relax I feel so happy and blessed and I cant even think about the love I feel for Caleb and Laney because it makes me weep.
(Laney told me this frog was going to the bathroom hehehe)  
My new goal is to just stop! stop worrying, stop being so damn busy.                                                                                               

(playing in the rain)
I need to remind myself everyday to slow down


bikini in the carseat

Love this baby!!

           fell asleep on the plane home :)                                                                                                                                        

Love eachother more, be nicer to one another and forgive often.

Have an exceptional Saturday night

Friday, February 24, 2012

20 months

Laney was born on June 30 and their is no 30th in this month so is she twenty months on the 29 or the 1st of March? hmmmm peculiar

They gave her this adorable gown to wear at the doctor!!!!
We went to the doctor for Laneys 18 month check up on Tuesday. We are a little behind on our visits:) Laners is 32.25 inches tall and 24 lbs 13 oz. My little peanut!!! We had to take this twenty month evaluation to make sure that she is developmentally on track. Lets just say she is. Their was a section that asked if she puts two words together and what are they. Does singing happy birthday count? by the way she sings the WHOLE song now and adds different names. Today we sang happy birthday to uncle wee while we were in the bath. I told her we would sing it to Nonna next so we sang it to her too :p but her favorite is to sing it to her aunt Madelyn:) I just love that little girl so much! She has become such a toddler lately!! Everything is NO! The good thing about her extensive vocabulary is we can communicate really well when she is acting stubborn! If she tells me no I give her a choice. When we were in the car the other day I told her we were getting out and she said no so I said "ok you can stay in your car seat" she was like ok out out out! hehehe sneaky mom!

Have a rowdy Friday!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Our big news!!

We put an offer on a house last week and they accepted! If everything goes well we will have a house by the end of March!!

Its quite stressful trying to get all of the paperwork together but I am trying my best to stay positive and calm. We have to be out of our apartment by the 18 of march so we have about a week that we will be homeless before we close :p

Wish us luck for the next month trying to stay calm:)

Have a calm Monday:)

Saturday, February 18, 2012


The good thing about Caleb working late is I get a lot of cleaning done......

The bad thing about Caleb working late is I HAVE to clean........

Laney and I went on a date tonight to Cancun:) then we went to my moms and had cookies, it was a wonderful Saturday night

Have a dreamy Saturday night

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I am so so tired. I feel like I can't ever get ahead. I know if I had more energy that I would be able to get more done. Yesterday I drank two cups of coffee and it was still painful for me to keep my eyes open.

Today I drank coffee and my vitamin B energy drink and I still took a nap at noon. I plan my appointments around naptimeto make sure I get a nap. I worry about days where I might not get to sleep.

This has got to stop. I can't live this way. I think I will be giving up dairy and grains soon. It just sucks because I love oatmeal and egg sandwiches:(I just don't know what to do anymore.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Just another day-ish

Happy Valentines Day!
Today was a pretty normal day around here. It was papas day off and also one of our days with Miss. Kinsley. We hung out at home all day and the girls played:) We were pretty sleepy this morning for reasons I don't know so papa and I snuggled on the couch while the girls played, it was wonderful! I made chicken piccata with baked potatoes for dinner and I must say I think it was my best yet! Laney helped me cook of course, She stood on a chair at the sink and filled up bowls with water using a measuring cup, she told me she was making oatmeal! Oy! That girl makes me smile! Caleb bought me the new twilight movie and I wrote him a lovey, gushy letter:)

I hope I have some good news to announce later this week or early next week! No I am not pregnant, even though my uterus and I wish we were:p and I did just practically eat a whole bag of goldfish:/ I wish I could blame that on pregnancy

Have a lovey valentines day!

Thursday, February 2, 2012


I am going to Florida......
I am leaving tomorrow to go to MI and then flying out from there on Sunday. I am going with Calebs, mom, grandma, aunt, uncle and cousins. Of course my sweet Laney is coming too! I didn't realize how sad I would be to leave Caleb:( Its really hitting me right now.

I am nervous for our drive tomorrow. Laney does not like to be in the car ever and we have to drive for 5 hours. yikes!

As I have mentioned before I have anxiety so I am also nervous about flying and being in another state. I know it is irrational but I cant help it. Once I get there I will feel better.

A few blogs that I read are going through some marital problems so if you pray, pray for them if not keep them in your thoughts  Mckmama, Dooce

I will hopefully be updating during my trip:)

Sorry this was such a downer of a post just had some stuff to get off my chest.

Have a pleasant Thursday night