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Thursday, February 28, 2013

35 weeks

 35 weeks B!!!!!!!

  • As of last Friday I have gained 30 lbs exactly. I feel good about my weight gain, hopefully I just gain 5 more lbs. Wouldn't that be lovely? A pound a week right? who knows. Pregnancy weight gain is weird. You can control it in a way but not really. You can eat healthy and not eat excessive amounts of food, but 1. the cravings can be ridiculous and 2. If you gain too much one month its not like you can cut down to lose what you gained you just have to keep going. I don't know...i'm crazy.

  •  I figured out my sleeping issues. when I was laying down I scrunch my legs up in like a ball and it was making it so my diaphragm couldn't make room for my lungs to take a deep breath so if I stretch out I can lay down :)

  •  My belly is getting HUGE. I have been waddling:/ its not so much because of the size of my belly but because my pelvis is in pain. Its the only way to walk so that it doesn't hurt. I usually just waddle right when I get out of bed and today I tried to run and it felt like things were falling apart ha! Gross I know Im sorry I am an oversharer:)

  • This mirror is at the end of our hallway and Laney loves it! I dont think I will ever be able to move it ;) Look at that big ol' button! I got my hair done a few weeks ago. It looks and feels so much better!
  • I have an appt tomorrow. I am weekly now. 
  • I did finish one of my projects for baby brothers room! I am going to work on another tonight and hopefully have it finished as well. 
Have a superb Wednesday

Thursday, February 21, 2013

33 and 34 weeks

ooopps I skipped posting last week! I have so much on my mind i need to write but I also have about 20 projects going on right now! Maybe not that many.....
34 Weeks
I have been on a triscuit binge this week. Oh they are just so salty!

I go to the doctor tomorrow so I will find out my weight gain then

Sleeping is getting difficult. I had to sleep sitting up last night so I could breath :/

I think Laney understands more than I give her credit for about this whole baby thing. 

I am ready to not be pregnant anymore but I am not ready to give up this rack....

Sorry about the terrible quality
We have six weeks to get our kitchen done! I have primed 4 cabinets so is a sloooow process that needs to speed up!!!

my portable table.

my weekly mirror pic:) 

oh and just my little sweetie:) oh ya you see that white couch?!?! One of my projects that is almost done!!!!

Have a wonderful safe Thursday night!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

32 weeks

I say it every week. I cant believe I am THIRTY TWO weeks today. Only two months left.

that crayon on the table looks like cigarette butt ha! I couldn't figure out what it was 

In case you were curious about my natural hair color check out those roots! Those suckers are like five inches!! I love getting my hair done but I hate spending the money. The last time I got it done was in August when I had just found out I was pregnant ha! oops. I am finally getting it done on Saturday!!

My appetite has increased! I have been consuming pretty big meals. I made pasta salad yesterday and it was gone by lunch today. It is one of my favorite dishes. But I felt pretty gross knowing that I consumed a whole package of noodles to myself. I have been doing really well with eating balanced meals ya know except for the noodles.

Holy pregnant nose!! I woke up from my nap with this seriously swollen face! I didn't know you could have pregnant lips. The swelling goes down after I get up.

We are going to start the kitchen renovation any day now! We have all the plans set we just have to go purchase it all! I am sooooo excited to get this started and finished! It is going to be a pain in the butt while we are working on it but so worth it in the end to have a dishwasher and new cabinets! I will post pictures of the kitchen soon. The cabinets are from when the house was built and they smell old! I am really weird about smells. 

Well this got random. Just my style!
Have a wonderful Wednesday night!