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Friday, June 23, 2017

Crazy Cats

I still need help on a new blog name!! I'm trying to get my witty husband to come up with something for me:) I've never met anyone who is as good with words as he is! Seriously. He needs to write a book. Maybe someday...

We had a little makeup sesh with my budding artist! Look at that adorable toothless grin! I could eat her! All of my children have commented on my bad teeth since Laney lost her tooth! The boys were really confused about Lane having a missing tooth. Atticus calls it her broken tooth, so he pointed to my janky tooth and said "oh, mommy broken tooth" bahaha honest little buggers!

The Artist! She has the most beautiful skin!
My before!
 Anybody want to claim this sweatshirt? Mom? Maddy? Alec? I just washed it! Then I wore it....but its still clean-ish!

She was so nervous to do my eyeliner, but I showed her some q-tip magic to clean it up and get a straight-ish line:)

Sawyer had a blast, and got a makeover too:) He kept saying he was Kylee, which is our neighborhood friend who always wears bows:) FREAKING LOVE HIM!!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Here we go again!

I'm here. I plan on staying this time. Its funny how I have waves of vlogging and blogging. I obviously suffer from seasonal depression, because it tends to stop in the colder months. I really really love making blogs and vlogs. It boosts my confidence, and I love to talk so being able to write out all of the stuff I want to tell the world is much more constructive than blabbing everyone's ear off:)

 Its been 8 months since my last VLOG and 2 YEARS since my last blog post....Lots of lost time to make up for!

In my last post Laney was FIVE!! She is about to turn SEVEN!!!!!!!! And start second grade:( She is an absolutely brilliant and beautiful young lady! It is so amazing to watch these tiny humans and what there natural abilities are. Laney has my super sense of smell (its a blessing and a curse) she can smell rain before it starts!! Its the craziest thing. 

Conversation on Fathers day with Caleb
Laney: I think its going to rain.
Caleb: checks his weather app Nope my phone says its not.
Laney: Well that's not what the earth says!

Bahahaha I just love her fiesty little spirit!! Oh, and it rained like an hour later! She is amazing.

My Sawyer dude is four now:) He was just barely two in my last post! I talked about getting him in to speech therapy ,which i did:), and he LOOOOOVED! He has been tested and his speech is on track for his age:) Sawyer has amazing focus. He loves to just sit and do activities. Be it Legos, playdoh or video games, which he is a freaking pro at! We have had to cut that off:) He would sit and play all day if we let him! His favorite thing is to make his siblings laugh. Which sometimes gets him trouble because he says bad words that make Laney and Atticus crack up. The other day it was penisbutt...we had a loooooong talk about when its ok to talk about penises. But seriously try not to laugh when your baby is saying penisbutt and laughing hysterically:) 

My little Atticus. He was five months in my last post! He is now two and half:) He has an incredible vocabulary, loves to be the center of attention, and loves affection. He is the biggest snuggler, hugger, and kisser you will meet! He is obsessed with Laney and the boys are finally getting along! Atticus wants to do, look and say everything like Sawyer. It just took two years for Sawyer to realize that baby brothers are not so bad:) He has no fear of anything and this has landed him in the ER 3 times now....Stitches in his head, stitches in his finger and a dresser to the nose. I watch him like a hawk. 

Caleb and I are going on our 6th wedding anniversary and we are closer than ever! We have had some big changes lately but I'll take a whole post to talk about that:)

I am so happy to be back!!


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

New name

I need to come up with a new blog name!!! I need some input:) I was trying to think of weird things that I say {which is a lot} and the first thing was Fiesty Pants Christensen :) I kind of love it. When my kids are being all wild I usually call them that:) seemed fitting. I am the nicknamiest person I know, but draw a blank trying to think of a new name!

Laney got tubes last Thursday! She was a CHAMP! So good before and after! I did get a lump in my throat when they were wheeling her away on the hospital bed:( but the procedure was less than 10 mins! Thank goodness. She was awake when I went back to see her:) I'll add a few pics on the bottom:) I'm on my phone right now so I can't choose their location:/

Sawyer is starting to speak more! He repeats us but not very clearly. I am going to get him evaluated for speech therapy soon:) He would love it! He just loves people and playing!
One of his favorite people is Laney:) still not crazy about his baboo.<-----his name for Atty. Atticus is also a huge Laney fan:)

In Atticus news, he has two teeth! Insane! He is 5 months old! Crazy,crazy.
•he sits up assisted with the boppy
•he gets into the crawling position every time I lay him down:( I'm so not ready for that. Neither is my house!
•he still sleeps next to my bed in his pack n play.
•and wakes OFTEN to eat
He is definitely my biggest baby yet:) We will probably start foods soon:)

News from me? Not much. My mind is spinning with crafty ideas and home improvement! I have got to do a project soon! Or write this stuff down! Posting on here helps my brain relax a lot. Getting down the memories so my lousy memory doesn't have to hold them anymore.

Welp, the pictures are not working😪 I will add them to my next post!

Goodnight! Xoxo

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Just found this draft!
Written August 2014

My last post was August 13th 2013. It frustrates me so much that it has been a year, but the only one to blame is me. :( Not a lot has changed in a year. My sweet Laney is four and my big Soy boy is 1! We found out a few days after Sawyers first birthday that we were expecting again! Just a few weeks ago we found out its a BOY:) BB#2 is due December 14th.

My girl starts preschool on the 20th😁 I'm a nervous wreck! I hope she loves it and thrives!! She is only going two half days a week and I am freaking out!! She is such a sweetie, and has really started playing with other kids a lot this summer😊

Sawyer is just the sweetest boy. He started walking at 14 months and says quite a few words.
Da da
All done
Na-na (Laney)

One year and 8 months later....

Oh it feels so good to write!!!! I have not posted since August 2013..... I feel so much guilt about that and get overwhelmed thinking about catching up so then I don't post.....which helps NOTHING! I'm over it. I NEED to write! I think about it ALL the time and I love looking back at all of my posts:) Well, tomorrow I am starting something new. It's new to me not new to the world. I am starting my day off by physically writing down three things I am thankful for. I love to be happy and peppy and hyper and loud, but it does not come easily. I suffer from depression which in turn makes me really hard on myself. I'm over that shit. I need to change this attitude and I am the only one who can do it!!! Mmmm I'm snuggling my ba-boo (Sawyers name for Atticus) seriously life is so good if you let it!! Phew. I need a new blog name😳😳 I've had a few more babies since I started this here blog. I have so many exciting things in my life right now that I want to write about!! Atticus's birth story (which I have not written because I didn't want to scare anyone😂😂) Laney is in school, Sawyer is 2, I have an amazing job! So much shittle I want to remember:) ok I got my jumping off point-tomorrow I will write something with substance❤️❤️
Have a glorious night!!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Laney-3 Years

My baby girl is 3 years old. She had her three year check up today. I was so nervous about our appt. Of course she proved me wrong and was amazing! She chatted with the doctor the whole time. Telling her all kinds of things:)

  • She weighs 31 lbs
  • 36 inches tall
  • she wears 3T clothes
She had to get a shot today which wasnt terrible. I thought seeing the bandage would freak her out so I covered it with her pants and she told me she like looking at it!! She showed all her friends too :)
She never stops talking and it is hilarious! I love the stuff she says:) She is SUCH a drama queen. If Caleb says she cant eat candy she will come up to me and say "Daddy said I cant have candy ever again." haha she says that about everything.
Her papa is her favorite person.

They are too much. She is way cooler than me with her Sperrys

I just love this picture of her sleeping:) She is so beautiful

Some of her favorites:)

Some Laneyisms

"On my mark, get set, go!"

"You gotta watch your attitude! Im a bossy pants!" ha! she told me this yesterday

"What does opposite mean Laney?" "It means a robot who tickles you." WHAT!?!?!?!


^Laney added this:) She told a whole story while typing about ponies turning to stone and then she asked me if she could fight the fight.

I will add more Laneyisms later when I remember them!

Have a wonderful Tuesday:)

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Sawyer-4 months

It has been two months since I does not feel like its been that long! So much has happened! Laney and I both had birthdays, we have been to MI twice and Maddy started her first day of high school today! But today's post is about my smallest baby, Sawyer:)

Baby boy had his four month appt today and he was wonderful! He had a little nap on the way there so he was all smiles:)

  • He weighs 16 lbs 7oz (60something percentile)
  • 25 inches tall (40something percentile)
  • head is 16 inches? I don't remember 
  • He is right on track for everything:) His dr is so sweet she gave him an A+ ;)
  • He got 3 shots today:( He did so well getting them but he has just been worn out all afternoon :( I am getting really nervous about how tonight will go.....I tried getting him up around 7 and he was miserable:( 
  • He is such a smiley boy I LOVE it!!
  • His medication is helping so much! 
  • He is out of his colicky stage. Thank goodness. It was very hard at times but we it makes the smiles that much better!
  • He loves his fingers holding them and sucking them. He always has his hands in his mouth! 
  • He has started grabbing for his toys and holding them
  • His head control gets better everyday
  • He likes tummy time, but only for short periods of time. 
  • He is such a chunky butt!
  • Laney loves him like CRAZY!!!! She kisses him, and talks to him, and he loves to watch her. 
  • He loves to "talk"
  • He lost some of his hair on top and its coming in WHITE!
  • We all love him to pieces:) 

Reading  books to her baby. Poor guys is always surrounded by pink....

mama and baby:) I chopped my hair too:)