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Sunday, September 25, 2011


My baby girl used her imagination tonight!!! I know that sounds weird to be so excited about but I am! She grabbed a tablespoon out of the drawer when I was getting something out so I let her play with it and I look over at her and she has a big tupperware in her arms and she is pretending to stir something!!! AHHHHH It was so damn cute!!! Then Caleb said can I have some and she ran over to him and pretended to feed him! So I got down there and said I'm hungry too and she came towards me going "waaahh" "wahh" she wanted me to cry like a baby! hahahahaha ( that is another game she plays with a paci ;)) so I started crying and she fed me to make me stop hahaha it was sooo cute I could barely handle it! Then she just kept on stirring and pretending to scoop more ingredients out of other tupperwares! Oh boy I am getting this girl a play kitchen!

 This is from Saturday where she learned how to bake!
 very busy girl
 so excited to be with her JuJu

helping clean up her mess
 icing her cupcake:)
nom nom

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

busy day!

Today has been such a busy day for me!
8:45 doctor with Maddy
10:00 Breakfast with Maddy and Grandma
11:00 home and took half hour nap
12:30 Joanns with Jenny
3:00 Carpool
4:00 Jennys place
5:00 Mall walking with the babies
7:30 Dinner
9:00 Bedtime for Laney!

I think the only time i stopped moving was when I napped! whew busy day! and another couple busy days to come! oh ya did I mention I feel like poop!!!! I think its sinuses or something but its awful. 

I did get to see Ciara, Reaghan and David so that was worth being busy for!

I really love this picture of Laney and I! I didnt know that I was in it:) Laney was so excited to see herself it was so cute! Well I am off to rest with my husband. It was his day off and i barely saw him:(

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

goof ball

7:30 a.m. Laney and I are laying in bed, Daddy is using the bathroom and flushes

Laney: Mom
Me: What
Laney: Mom
Me: What
Laney: potty yuck

hahaha  I was dieing laughing!! especially since she was calling me mom! Its usually mommy, and no we don't co sleep she just comes into my bed when she wakes up because its so damn early we are not ready to get up!!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Old maternity pictures!!

I just found a bunch of old pregnancy pictures:) I felt very cute with that belly:) enjoy!

26 weeks

26 weeks (Caleb drawing on my stomach)

7 months

7 months
this was taken on 6/11 Lane was born on 6/30 :)
i don't know why our faces are purple but we were on our way to the hospital! (i was obviously not in labor :p)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Tonight we went to Carmel to hear Maddy sing, she did very well. She was the 21 singer out of 24 and was by far the best! My camera just died so I don't have any pictures from today to show! I am going to watch Gladiator with my husband and chow down on some Donatos! I will leave you with an old picture:)  This was taken on August 1. 2010! it doesnt even look like her! oooo i love her!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

"its not personal, its developmental"

this is what I have to keep reminding myself while Laney has her temper tantrums.

it was actually my therapist who told me ;)

I love my therapist, and I recommend everyone should see one:) It is wonderful, I get to talk to her totally honest and not worry about her judging me and she helps me with questions I have about being a mom and a wife and helps me deal with becoming a stronger person.

 we colored the other day, we loved it:)

 she worked on putting those in for so long :p
 love those lips!
 and that crazy hair!
 she was using the force to raise that bowl

 playing on the playground with daddy

 my babies
she was leading the parade

more cute pictures tommorow!

Have a good Friday!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Their once was a baby colts cheerleader.......

 her name was Laney and she was the most beautiful cheerleader in the whole world,

she loved to walky-walky so much she went everyday,

she would lead mommy and daddy all over the neighborhood,

sometimes her very favorite purple flip flops would fall off,

she played in puddles,
 a lot of puddles.....
 and pick flowers with daddy,

and return home when she is very sleepy to sleep in her flip flops :p

the end

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

sleepy girl

thats me, sleepy girl :( I am just beat today, I think i have a sinus infection and some others stuff and I am just worn out! I will write something more interesting later. I guess I should have made my goal to post every other day :p well I am going to go watch Lost with Caleb to try to put off my bedtime by a little

Have a wonderful evening:)

Sunday, September 11, 2011


I didnt write pretty lame

Caleb and I went to the My Chemical Romance and Blink 182 concert last night and had a great time! We drank beer and danced:) We ran into some old friends and his brother and sister were there too! I have no pictures from before or anything but I did get a new camera!!! I love it!! I am still learning how to take good pictures and the different angles and everything but I will learn:) Caleb is much better than I am :p

We went on a walky walky tonight, she walked the neighborhood in her colts cheerleadeing outfit and purple flip flops... oh yes it was awesome!

When it comes to computers I am like an 80 year old woman.....I am trying to learn more because I hate that I don't know very much. I haven't been in school for a while and I have never owned my own laptop or used one very frequently sooo thats what im blaming my lack of knowledge on :p I took some pictures on our walk tonight but I am going to try some editing so they are going to have to wait until tomorrow! I will leave you with this silly one :)

  I pulled out her little pony and it was stuck in that cute little sprout on top of her head!

Have a good Sunday night!

Friday, September 9, 2011


Its Friday:) weekends don't really mean much to me : / Caleb works every weekend so its just like any other day

I love this weather, I love having the windows open, and getting to wear my clothes I haven't seen in a few months, I was getting pretty bored of my summer clothes! I was bored with them all summer :p

Lane feeding herself:) she will eat the whole bowl all by herself! Its a little messy but not too bad:)

We had a good day today we watched my friend Jennifer's daughter today like we do every Tuesday and Friday:) Laney just loooooves the baby! She wants to kiss her and lay on her and show her where her eyes are.....we try to keep that one to a minimum :p She does get a little jealous when I feed her a bottle and wants to nurse. Its difficult but I have nursed Laney on one side and fed the baby a bottle on the other ha!

I am going to buy a camera tomorrow!!! It is a Finepix  4000 I don't know anything about cameras but it looks like what I want:) No more phone pictures!!!!!!!!!! yaaaaaaaayyyyy!! I cant wait I hate the way pictures look that I take on my phone!

I am gong to work on some projects! I will post finished pictures later!!

Have a good Friday night!

Thursday, September 8, 2011


I skipped another day?!? I really really thought that I blogged yesterday...........I am a little creeped out I seriously thought that I did! Wow that pretty much sums up my brain right there. Non existent.

                                            Jenny and I are working on a project:) ^ sneak peek :)

Today was Calebs day off from work and we barley saw each other:( We did get to snuggle/nap for a long time this morning after Laney went down for a nap so I think that makes up for it:) and once I finish writing this we are going to watch "Lost". I am not that into it since it makes my anxiety spike:) but he enjoys it so I will sew while we watch!

I went to the Yankee Candle store and bought this delicious Pumpkin Buttercream Candle

Add caption

yuuuummmmmm they are having a sale tarts and samps(?) are 1 dollar:) great deal:)

Jenny is starting the Paleo diet so she gave us all of her nasty people food which turned out to be awesome food!! THANK YOU so much Jenny!!!!! We are very grateful:)

Well this was another boring post sorry guys! I am still learning and need to take more pictures in my day to show you some interesting stuff:)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I have not blogged in TWO days yikes! oh well what am I going to do about it now.

On Saturday Laney, Maddy and I went on a trip! The family that Jenny nannies for has a lake house and they invited us to go so we went:) It was the first time Laney was on a beach. It was pretty cool but the water was warm so she enjoyed it. She didnt like the sand on her hands so everytime she fell (which was a lot:)) she would try to stand up with her wrists until I stood her up hehe love her! I don't have any pictures yet but Jenny took some really cute ones:)

Laney went to bed at 5:40 was not on purpose she was exhausted between getting a new tooth and running around at the park she was done! I put her down for a nap and by seven I was going to wake her up but she was out, she didn't move at all so I am just letting her sleep. It feels weird though becuase I was not done for the day, I had expected to make dinner with her and play with her more. It just feels weird.....well we will be up early tomorrow morning:)

I feel like I have a million errands to run tommorw since Caleb doesnt go into work until four...

Well I am having trouble breathing so I'm going to go relax:(

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Walky Walky

Its Saturday! Woo Hoo!

This morning Laney and I went on a walk around our apartment complex:) We usually go on a walk everyday, she LOVES it. She will go up to the door and say "walky walky" and "shoeies shoeies". I let her lead the way on our walks and its nice to not feel like im always redirecting and just let her go where she wants to.

hehe I love this she was running at me to get my phone:)

girlfriend was on a mission

watching her shoes:) she loooooooves her shoes

showing her belly:) one of her favorite things hehe

Yesterday our complex replaced our faucets, showerheads and with high efficiency ones. When I heard that i thought they would be like a drippy facuet with not much water but they are amazing!!! Our old one was like a shower head you would find a a campsite it was HORRIBLE! But this one is amazing!!

Look at that thing!! I wish I had a picture of the old one it was pathetic! They also put CFL bulbs in our bathroom and it is SO bright and looks silly:)

I think that Maddy Laney and I are going to go to a lake house this weekend. The family that Jenny nanny's for  has a lake house and invited us up so I think we are going to go:)

Have a wonderful Saturday!

Friday, September 2, 2011


Planless = no plans :) Today Laney and I have nothing to do.We are some busy girls and usually have a lot of stuff planned in our days but today we have nothing. I am enjoying it:)

Laney is a very smart cookie, today we were playing on the floor and she saw one of her medicine syringes and said "mecine" "mecine" and took me in the kitchen and tried to open the fridge where its kept!

I have about a million projects that I want to do and haven't started any of them....I really want to decorate Lanes room, I want to make her a bed skirt, put some stuff on the walls and get her a bookshelf. HOPEFULLY my dad will make her one:) My grandfather used to make us stuff and I loved it. 

I have this retro fabric I have and want to make a quilt! Also some pajama pants for Lane. Those are the main projects I want to complete first, I have many more that will just have to wait!

Of course I am not doing any of that while Laney is napping because I have to clean and do piles of laundry!

Seriously........I just looked at the date and its September 2.....I already broke my goal of blogging everyday grrrr oh well I am starting today! This one was kind of boring sorry!! I will make it more interesting tomorrow:) Have a lovely Friday