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Thursday, March 29, 2012


We are closing on our house right now! I am going to watch Caleb sign around 250 papers:p we are sooooo excited!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Three years

Today Caleb and I have been together for three years. How has it only been three years?!?!?! We have had the most amazing and eventful relationship.

We met on March 6, 2009 and started dating March 25. We spent every day together, we moved in together in early August.

hehehehe crazy kids

On October 26 we found out we were pregnant:)

 Christmas 2009 Caleb proposed:)

June 30. 2010 we welcomed Laney Marie Christensen into the world:)

 July 9, 2011 I became Katherine Elizabeth Christensen and finally had the same name as my husband and baby girl!

On Thursday we close on our first house! I cant believe we have been through so much in so little time!
I love my little family so much!

Have a sassy night!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Right now we are homeless.....kind of. We are living at my moms house while we are waiting to close on our house which is on the 28th!!!!! aahhh I cant believe it! We have really been enjoying living here with my mom and Maddy. Yesterday was my moms birthday so we grilled out and then after dinner we went for a run:) It was the first time I have run in a very very long time and it felt great! I thought it was going to be miserable but it felt so good! I pushed Laney in the jogging stroller and put Heidi underneath in the basket where you put your purse:) We are going out again tonight!

I am enjoying this weather so much, Laney and I are outside ALL time! She doesn't ever want to come inside:) It is so much easier to be outside here at my moms than at my apartment. She has a big back yard for Laney and Heidi to play in. This morning we read books on the driveway and played with Laneys baby Stella. It has been an incredibly relaxing morning.

I will post pictures later:)

Have a sunny Wednesday

Friday, March 16, 2012


Sorry I have not been posting we are in the process of moving! We got our pod at noon today and we are already done! Thanks to Elisa! Now we are all laying on my bedroom floor waiting for laney to wake up so we can go out to eat:) don't mind all the random crap in the background:p and no they are not twins:)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wednesday randoms

Holy crap I realized this morning that we have about nine days to pack our stuff! We have to be out of the apt on the 18 of March and the 17 is Calebs dads birthday so we really only have  until the 16 to get everything done! bah! Caleb is going to get boxes from work right now.

The weather is just incredible today! It is insanely windy but really warm.

I am really looking forward to Easter, pretty much just for dying eggs pretty dresses and Easter baskets:)

I want to make this basket for Laney. I made a bigger one for my sister that turned out ok, its just not very stable but I think doing this smaller one will be perfect!