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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wednesday randoms!!

I am 31 weeks today. This picture was taken last week, or maybe the week before, at the art museum. They had a large screen with this man doing something weird with rainbows being projected onto it. We got in trouble for taking pictures hehehe it was worth it. 

Caleb doesn't like this picture but I don't care, I love it! She asked if I would take a picture of them two of them! 
 She gets in her car rojo. "Maddy, I'm going to the store I am gonna buy you beer"
She saw me changing my shirt and looked down her own shirt. "oh, I have moles" hahahahaha

I am the "big bag wolf" "Big bag wolf? Can I turd?" hahaha I do not call it turding by the way. She came up with that one on her own

"Mommy can we be Yo-Ho, arrrg mateys?" "Pirates?" "YA PIRATES"!

  • Everyday we are either the big bag wolf and little red riding hood or she is Jake, I am Pixie, and when dad is home he is Captain Hook. Jake is from Jake and the neverland pirates, we couldn't remember the girls name so Laney said its pixie since she carries around pixie dust.

  • In my last post I very nonchalantly mentioned that I have gained 25 lbs like it was no big deal. I wanted to clarify that this is my second pregnancy. With my first it was not easy for me. It was very hard to see my body grow and grow and not know how big I was going to get. Now I don't know how much I will gain with this stinker, but I have gone through this before so its not so shocking. I just wanted to clarify since a lot of my friends are going through their first pregnancy and I didn't want everyone to think I just LOVE this weight gain and its no big deal. Because it can be hard, and that's OK
  • My cousins cousin (sounds weird) just started up her own business making gorgeous paintings and signs! Please go check it out! Its called Love Chalyn and THIS is a link to her Facebook page! She is a local business and has beautiful handmade pieces. Go check her out! We must support each other!
  • Update on Laneys MC: I thought the oil was working....and then today it looked bad again. A few people contacted me on my last post and thank you so much I will  be looking into some other treatments for it!
  • Laney is getting a flu shot tomorrow.....UGHHH I am freaking out. Mine hurt like an EMEER EFFER for so long and I am quite tolerant of shots and being stuck......also I hate to see her cry. She is going to be so upset that the dr is getting close to her let alone sticking her with a needle. Anyone want to talk me out of it? Feel free.

    Welp I am off to make some popcorn!

    Have a glorious night!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

30 weeks and other schtuff

I am 30 weeks! Seriously this pregnancy has been going waaay too fast.
  • Everything is getting more difficult to do :/ I didn't have these issues when I was pregnant with Laney. I  didn't sit on the floor or play hide and seek in the closet or behind the couch. Lane is so full of energy she just hops in and out of bed and up off of the floor, while it takes me a wee bit longer than it used too!
  • I have gained 25 lbs so far. I feel pretty good about it. Sure I would love my arms to be more toned but I don't feel like I have gained an excess weight.
  • My GTT came back normal
  • I am going to appts every two weeks now. Which I feel is a waste of time! I am not high risk, I have no questions, I know what is normal and whats not.

    Laney has molluscum contagiosum :( It sucks. The only way to get rid of them is to burn them off. Laney would never let a doctor repeatedly burn something off of her. It would totally freak her out. So we are using this stuff called Zymaderm. It is a super strong smelling oil that is supposed to help the bumps go away. We have been doing it for two days and havent seen much improvement. Has anyone else gone through this? I would like to avoid getting them burned off. If anyone has any advice please tell!!!

    Have a healthy night!!

Friday, January 18, 2013


                       A day in the life of Mom and Laney

Got out of bed at 9:29

I set alarms so I would remember to take a picture every hour

Breakfast on the couch:)

10:29 We folded laundry. 
And wore undies on our head:)

11:29 a little mid morning lounge and snack:)

12:29 Laney painted a masterpiece while......

I prepared lunch


1:29 practiced putting shoes on (getting sleepy)

2:29 having MORE popcorn watching a show before nap time. She looooves my preggo pillow

3:29 Mommas going to sleep watching Bones of course

4:29 Asleep
5:29 We woke up and hopped in the car to pick Maddy up from volley ball practice

6:29 Hanging out with our favorite 13 year old aunt:)

7:29 dinner!

 I think if I do another day in the life I will just take pictures of the highlights of our day. So much happened in between those hours. But I didn't take pictures! It was fun but didn't really capture what we do in a day.

Have a super Friday night!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New look

 So?! What do you think? I made some changes on my blog:) I got a new background and changed some things on the side bar. Also if you want to get an email notifying you that I posted you can put your email in  right up there ^. It is kind of hard to see but its right above where it says Wednesday January 16, 2013. Just put your email in, submit and it will send you an email confirming and just click on the link it tells you to!

I was going to do my 29 weeks post today but I forgot to have Caleb take pictures!

Lane and I planted some forget me nots today. It was the favor from my wedding a year and  half ago:) Do seeds stay good that long? We will find out! I finally took pictures with my camera instead of my phone and then I couldn't find the cord to upload them! arrg so I took pictures with my phone of the screen on my camera so they look like crap! I tried editing them (my hubs will be so proud) to try and make them look the best they could but I don't know how well I did:/
SUPA FUZZY This was the little kit, a soil pellet some seeds and a flower pot that Jen and I spray painted

 She did so well pouring the water in.

mixed it with a toothpick
It was still too dry so we added more water
 I planted the seeds since she lost interest after the water and mixing was done. She just wanted to pour more water in things and stir them up so her and dad made "milky shakes". Not really, just pretend.
I hung it on the back door because no where else gets much light! There was also no where else to put it where little fingers wouldn't try to play with it:) It says 7.9.11 under the yarn. They also were used as place cards at my wedding:) It was one of my favorite parts.

I hope you enjoy the new look to my blog! I have a few more changes I want to make and please tell me if anything is hard to read!

Have an outstanding night!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Baby!

We have had a long sick week over here at the Christensen house. Bleh! Of course 8 A.M. on Calebs birthday I get sick. I had a few things planned just to make it special for him and I didn't get to do anything for him since I was sick in bed!!! Later that day Laney got sick.....on me. I felt nauseous all day and the second she got sick on me I turned into 'Mom stomach of steele' It was weird. But necessary because dad turned into 'dad stomach of pussy'. Two days later papa was sick.

I went in to crazy mode and disinfected everything! I don't know if its becuase I am pregnant but I feel like I have had to deal with so many gross things lately. I had to dig through the trash for something someone threw away, our main line got blocked again and sewage backed up into our laundry room, I had to dig food out of my sink tonight, and ya know the whole sick thing. I wont go into details its just been gross! I am ready for this gross phase of my life to slow down. I say slow down because it will never be over. That is just what being a homeowner and mom is about!

Besides all that grossness I did get to go out on a date with my step-sister and one of our friends on Wednesday and go to a Pacers game on Thursday:) My sister Maddy sang the national anthem. It was incredible!

She is destined for greatness:)

I hope this post wasn't too gross and uneventful! Well that's exactly what it was ha! Here is a picture of a freakishly cute girl to make it all better.

hehehe love her!!!!

Have a clean Sunday night!

Monday, January 7, 2013

My best girl

My sweet little stinker is two and half! Her half birthday was on December 30. We didn't do anything special, I wanted to get a little cake for her but didn't end up getting one.

Some of the pictures I posted on IG but I had to share them here too!
Cutest kid ever. 

baby brothers new crib. She loves it. "Can we go look at baby broders crib" 

watercolors on her easel that Nonna got her. "can i be an artist?' translates to "can I paint?"

asdlfkjasodifjlk love this outfit. It was super comfy too! Her Grandpa and Me-Me got it for her in Arizona at Lucky! SO CUTE! She picked out the shoes. Girl has style

Playing sleepy sleeps in the crib while I got ready:) Silly girl

Stuff I don't want to forget
  • You are 35 inches tall
  • You love all of the snacky foods I love:) Salt and vinegar chips, pretzels, popcorn, soft pretzels. Mom is so proud :p It makes the pregnancy snacking easier when I have someone to share with.
  • (putting you to bed)
    L: "Momma?"
    Me: "yes baby"
    L: you whisper "good-night"
    Me: "good-night baby"
    L: "Momma?"
    Me: "yes baby"
    L: you whisper "i love you"
    Me: "i love you too sweetie"
    OYE!!!! I love it!! she started doing it with daddy too!
  • If anyone asks you are not two you are a girly
  • We have had some attitude issues lately. Screaming, demanding things, ya know two year old stuff. BUT I have been persistent and following through and she is acting so much better! I hate when I feel like all I am doing is correcting her behavior but it is paying off. 
  • You LOVE all of your toys you got for Christmas! 
  • She named her little tikes car rojo. 

I love you stink bug!

Have a super Monday Night!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

27 weeks

I am 27 weeks today! HOLY CRAP! This has been such a quick pregnancy. My belly has grown so much in the last few weeks its wild! My sweet sweet husband got me a pregnancy pillow for Christmas! Sleeping is no problem now that I have the pillow:) I am pretty sure I have  mentioned before how much I don't like sleeping on my side but with the pillow I can wrap it around my shoulder and tuck it right up against my body so I don't move at all! Its wonderful. We had such a busy schedule the week and weekend before Christmas that the only time he had to go shopping was after he got off work on Christmas Eve. Toys r us closed one hour after he got off and he had to be at my dads house as soon as he could. It was pretty hectic for him! I truly have a wonderful husband!

I am having pain in my pelvic region. I was walking around kroger today and the top of my thighs were hurting:/ not muscle pain but like the socket, if that's what you would say. I still have the pain where it feels like the top of my pelvis has cracked in two but its all manageable:) I don't want to sound like I am complaining because its nothing I cant handle!

I have a lot of braxton hicks. I don't remember having this many with Laney so early. I don't think anything else is new with my pregnancy. I am taking the glucose test on the tenth;/ I am NOT looking forward to that.

Laney got window crayons for Christmas from Grandpa and Me-Me (my dad and stepmom) They are really fun. Peek a boo Laney!

She wanted me to come check on her baby Meg that was driving her car:)

I will have Caleb take some better pictures soon:)

Have a sweet Wednesday!