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Monday, January 31, 2011

So Caleb left yesterday..........................................:( he is in MI for 5 weeks training for an assistant manager position at a pizzeria his uncle and grandfather are opening. I am happy that he will have this job but it SUCKS that he has to be away away from Laney and I for so long:(

So while Caleb is in MI we are living at my grandmas house with my mom and little sister. Laney is staying in my Uncles room which is HUGE. Their is a crib, twin bed two big chairs an amour, a tread mill, a rocking chair, a big dresser and a 4x6 play mat on the floor. Its not even crowded in there it sounds terribly stuffed but its not! Maddy and I are sharing a room. My older sister and I shared the same room NINE years ago while our house was being built.


So we are having some crazy ice storm right now all the schools are canceled expect for Jenny's. But i have faith that it will be closed soon;) I am excited to be stuck in the house with all my ladies! I know Laney will love it too.

OOOOHHHH! and i am officially the worst niece in the history of nieces! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUJU! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

Here is a picture of my beautiful baby:)
                                               Hi DADA!

p.s. Jennys school got canceled while i wrote this YAY!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hello Blogland

I am sooooo excited to have a blog i have so much to write about already muahaha but first about me! My name is Katy, I am 21 years old, I am a full time mommy to a beautiful almost seven month old baby girl Laney! I am getting married this summer to Caleb, he is the best man I could have EVER asked for! I have 2 sisters Jenny and Maddy, I would put a link to Jennys blog but ya I am not very good with computers but i will learn! I like to bake and be crafty, I love to read. I am on my sixth book just this month! I am reading the Sookie Stackhouse novels which i adore! During my pregnancy Caleb and I read all of the Harry Potter books then I read the Percy Jackson books and the Twilight series. What? I am defiantly NOT a dork hehehe ;) oh i am also an over smiley face user its a bad habit.....welp here are some pictures of my beautiful family!

                                                                She is just too damn cute!!!!!
                                                                    Caleb and I 
                                                       (engagement photos taken by Jenny)
                                                                   I love this one:)

p.s. i just looked up and saw an icon that says Link hmmmm dumbass