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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Laney-3 Years

My baby girl is 3 years old. She had her three year check up today. I was so nervous about our appt. Of course she proved me wrong and was amazing! She chatted with the doctor the whole time. Telling her all kinds of things:)

  • She weighs 31 lbs
  • 36 inches tall
  • she wears 3T clothes
She had to get a shot today which wasnt terrible. I thought seeing the bandage would freak her out so I covered it with her pants and she told me she like looking at it!! She showed all her friends too :)
She never stops talking and it is hilarious! I love the stuff she says:) She is SUCH a drama queen. If Caleb says she cant eat candy she will come up to me and say "Daddy said I cant have candy ever again." haha she says that about everything.
Her papa is her favorite person.

They are too much. She is way cooler than me with her Sperrys

I just love this picture of her sleeping:) She is so beautiful

Some of her favorites:)

Some Laneyisms

"On my mark, get set, go!"

"You gotta watch your attitude! Im a bossy pants!" ha! she told me this yesterday

"What does opposite mean Laney?" "It means a robot who tickles you." WHAT!?!?!?!


^Laney added this:) She told a whole story while typing about ponies turning to stone and then she asked me if she could fight the fight.

I will add more Laneyisms later when I remember them!

Have a wonderful Tuesday:)

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Sawyer-4 months

It has been two months since I does not feel like its been that long! So much has happened! Laney and I both had birthdays, we have been to MI twice and Maddy started her first day of high school today! But today's post is about my smallest baby, Sawyer:)

Baby boy had his four month appt today and he was wonderful! He had a little nap on the way there so he was all smiles:)

  • He weighs 16 lbs 7oz (60something percentile)
  • 25 inches tall (40something percentile)
  • head is 16 inches? I don't remember 
  • He is right on track for everything:) His dr is so sweet she gave him an A+ ;)
  • He got 3 shots today:( He did so well getting them but he has just been worn out all afternoon :( I am getting really nervous about how tonight will go.....I tried getting him up around 7 and he was miserable:( 
  • He is such a smiley boy I LOVE it!!
  • His medication is helping so much! 
  • He is out of his colicky stage. Thank goodness. It was very hard at times but we it makes the smiles that much better!
  • He loves his fingers holding them and sucking them. He always has his hands in his mouth! 
  • He has started grabbing for his toys and holding them
  • His head control gets better everyday
  • He likes tummy time, but only for short periods of time. 
  • He is such a chunky butt!
  • Laney loves him like CRAZY!!!! She kisses him, and talks to him, and he loves to watch her. 
  • He loves to "talk"
  • He lost some of his hair on top and its coming in WHITE!
  • We all love him to pieces:) 

Reading  books to her baby. Poor guys is always surrounded by pink....

mama and baby:) I chopped my hair too:) 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Mr. Sawyer {2 months}

My baby boy is two months:)

  • He weighs 13 lbs 3oz
  • He is 23 inches long
  • Head 15 inches
  • He loves to nurse and loves his paci!
  • We are transitioning into his crib. Its not going very well. 
  • He is the biggest snuggle bug:)
  • We just started some reflux medication. I think its helping but it hasn't been long enough to tell yet
  • He coos and smiles all the time
  • Size 2 diapers 
  • growing out of 0-3 month clothes and starting to wear 3-6 months

We all have some horrible cough throaty thing going around our house right now! Bleh! But it is not slowing us down at all! We went to the water park today and probably going  back tomorrow:)  Summer with a three year old is AWESOME! Laneys birthday is coming up and I have so many fun ideas for her party! It is going to be My little Pony theme:) I still have not posted about her second birthday party. oops.

I miss writing on here and I have so many things I need to remember about this little babe I am hopefully going to post more often! We will see how it goes. Hope to write again soon!

Have a wonderful Tuesday night!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Baby Girls MC

Hello again!
 I am pleasantly surprised at how well I am doing on a broken up sleep pattern:) Lets just say the first 3 months of Laneys life I slept....all day everyday. I was miserable. I had to have some sort of iron deficiancy or something becuase I could NOT stay awake and my skin was kind of grayish and pale it was gross. BUT I am feeling much better this time around. Still sleepy but I can function pretty well:)
So the first week of Sawyers life was crazy. I made an appt for Laney to see the derm the day after my due date. I am brilliant I know. So Sawyer is a week old, everyone is adjusting, and on this particular day Laney was extra clingy to mama and did not want to go to the dr. Turns out she did have Mollescum contagism. Basically little warts that covered her torso, arms and hips. To try to keep her relaxed I told her "we are just going to talk we dont have to do anything we are not comfortable with" well that ended up being a lie. Her derm gave us 2 options 1. a very expensive cream that they were sure her insurance didnt cover or 2. this liquid that they put on in the office and the warts will scab up and fall off and will be gone in a week. oh and its "painless"

So we opted for number two. I had to hold her down while they put this stuff on each individual bump. She had over a hundred. It was awful. I held it together and somehow didnt lose my shit and start crying with her. Which Caleb and I still arnt sure how I did that. They told me wash it off in two to three hours. Ok easy enough.

So we went home and took a nap. I set my phone alarm for exactly three hours after they put it on and I was going to wake her up and bathe her. No joke 2 mins before my alarm went off I hear her wake up and start screaming!!! I ran in there and she is holding up her arms screaming. I ripped off our clothes and jumped in the bath and tried to rinse her off as best as I could while she was clinging to me. After about ten mins in the bath of me just pouring water on her body, she stopped screaming and we got out. Thank the lord Sawyer slept through this whole thing. My mom came over and we read the paper and it said to use soap to make sure you get all of the stuff off. So back in the shower we went and I had to wash the warts that were burning her. I didnt let her know but I was sobbing the whole time. It was so hard to cause her pain.

She stayed stuck to me for about an hour then we decided we should get some clothes on. I took her into her room sat her down and stool and took her towel off to find over a hundred blisters covering her body. It. Was. Awful. I cried again. Give me a break I had just had a baby :P

I had to lift her up by her hands to get her on the potty and on the bed. She shook every time she tried to move. I got her propped up in my bed with pillows for her arms so they wouldn't touch her sides. All I kept thinking was in a week this will be better and she will be happy. So needless to say we didnt get much sleep that night.
All propped up in bed. She refuses to wear that yellow shirt anymore! haha bad memories I guess

The next day she was feeling so much better! The whole day the blisters were popping under her clothes which was good becuase blisters are painful but once they are popped they dont hurt! So we took her to the park and played.  Everyday after that got better and better. But boy that first day was very sad. Now they are all healed and she no longer has any one her torso but still has a few on her legs!! grrrr I think they may be going away on their own though...hopefully!
The next morning!! SO much better! That is her homemade cranberry juice popsicle:)

I do not recommend this treatment to children. I think It would work fine on an adult or older child who understands what is going to happen and who only have like 10 or less not 100+!!

That whole night I just kept thinking about all the mommas who have sick babies or babies in pain and I just cant imagaine the pain those mommas feel. You are all strong women. It is so incredibly hard to see your children like that.

Have a healthy Monday!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Birth story

My son Sawyer was born on Wednesday March 27 , 2013:) I want to get down his birth story while it is still fresh in my mind!!!! It is going to be long and detailed so read at your own risk:)

Tuesday March 26th
-I woke up around eight like I was everyday of my last trimester, I really felt like I needed to get a lot of stuff done before the baby came. Not big stuff just wanted to have the dishes done and the laundry and my bag all put together. I only have a few pairs of sweats that I can wear so I was washing them every time I wore them to make sure I had something to wear home from the hospital. I know I am an over thinker. Laney woke up and I made breakfast for us. Then I put makeup on and put more "attractive" pjs on so I didn't look too ragedy for my hubs.
 I started on the dishes since we had an overload of cups that needed to be washed. While I was doing them I had a few contractions and these really felt like they were pushing down low. So I kept an eye on the clock and they were coming every ten mins....hmmm I was excited but didn't want to say anything to Caleb without really knowing for sure! I was getting to the last of the dishes and I started to get nauseous. So I sat down and said "ok babe I think I might be in labor" He was silent and then went to the bathroom. Haha so I told Laney that I needed to walk around the house:) we started walking around the living room in circles together and then we put on some music and did a little dancing:) I was so worried that the contractions were going to stop! I was scared shitless at the thought of being in labor but I thought, this is my chance. I have to get this labor going!
Then Caleb pops out of the bathroom with his phone in his hand " ok do you feel this? How far apart are they?" It was awesome he was one step ahead of me the whole time. He knew what to look for when to call, what was normal and what wasn't. He got me an app on my phone that tracks your contractions and tells you how long they are. It was really helpful!

I walked around the house for a while and picked up all while my contractions were 8-10 mins apart. We put Laney down for a nap and I laid down but was too worked up to sleep. After nap my mom came over and we went to Sahms for dinner. I had not eaten much all day, I was trying to keep it light and Laney thought all my food looked good too so she helped me eat it. My contractions were getting stronger but I could talk through them and waddle through them. By 7:30 that night they were 5 minuets apart so I called the Dr. I tested positive for group B strep so I wanted to make sure that I got in in time to get two doses of antibiotics.

We arrived at the hospital about 8pm they took me back to triage, checked me and I was only dilated to a two......they said I could stay and walk around for an hour and see if anything changes or a could go home. I opted for going home. I didn't think much would change in an hour and I was STARVING and tired. By this time Caleb had someone cover the last hour of his shift and had joined us at the hospital. Laney, Caleb and I got jimmy johns and went home. I slept fine that night, only waking up a few times and feeling the contractions.

At six am on March 27th I woke up to a much stronger contraction, I could still walk and talk through it. They were consistently 5mins apart. I laid in bed for a while. Had a bowl of cereal, then around 8 I woke up Caleb and Laney. They were starting to get a lot stronger but not closer together than 5 mins. I called the doctor and they told me to come in. I stopped being able to walk and talk through them by the time we got to the hospital. We went up to triage and they checked me and I was only a three. My doctor came in and talked to me about being induced within the next couple of days because this STILL could not be active labor.....I very kindly said no thank you, I don't know how this couldn't be real labor because it hurts like a BITCH!! Haha so they let me hang out in triage for a few hours to "see" if I was in active labor.
8 a.m. after I woke up the sweeties. We took our time and watched a show together.

I chatted with my family and covered my face and squeezed my pillow through contractions. Then they got to be about two mins a part and VERY strong. I joked that I was ready for my epidural and I wasn't even admitted yet. Keep in mind I'm in this itty bitty room with an uncomfortable bed with Caleb, Laney, my mom and Jenny. Everyone was awesome and so sweet. Laney snuggled me and behaved very well. So Jenny tells the nurse I am ready for my epidural and she checks me. Now im dialated to a five or six I think I don't remember. They FINALLY admit me.....I am transferred into this huge gorgeous room with a tub, more seating and great light.

Then they start really coming. Every minute. One min contraction, one min of bliss. Well nauseous bliss.
This was taken a little bit after we arrived for the second time. They were like three mins apart here.

I had to wait until I got half a bag of  IV fluid before I could get my epidural. Then the anesthesiologist came in!!! I just kept telling myself only a few more contractions then the drugs will kick in. They made everyone leave so I didn't have Caleb's hand to squeeze (which seriously makes them better) The anesthesiologist did a wonderful job but she made me really nervous when she was feeling my spine and hips  and asked if I had NO! You are about to stick a needle in my SPINE and you think I have scoliosis when my spine is perfectly straight?!?!?! it made me a wee bit nervous.

The epidural was soooooooo good. Holy crap I don't ever want to go drug free. I endured a lot of those contractions and I was done!
finally feeling amazing! Caleb walked in and said "oh! you're smiling!" haha

Eventually they broke my water to speed things up. My sweet husband was by my side through everything. Except when his baby girl needed him:) I had Caleb, my mom, Jenny, Monika, Kaylyn, and Ali in the delivery room with me. I have no longer have any dignity....... Brother came out at 3:32 p.m. weighing 7lbs 5oz and 20 inches long:)

It was a very cool birth. They laid him on my chest for a really long time:) he stopped crying when I talked to him so I blabbed on and on like a lovestruck idiot:)  It was so freaking sweet. I think just about everyone was crying happy tears:)

Random fact: Laney was born at 3:33 pm and Sawyer was born at 3:32 pm both on Wednesdays:)

Jenny took pictures throughout my whole labor. They are sooooooo cool. I don't have them yet. I will post some of them soon. None of my girly parts are visible in any of them which is awesome:) I would like to post most of them but I am really open like that:) I don't know....I suppose if you don't want to see them you don't have to read that post :p

I hope you enjoyed my story! I am so glad I wrote this all down when I did because I would not be able to recall all of that detail now!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Baby Update

I had my appointment today and I ummmmm gained 3 lbs since my last appointment! Oooopppps! I don't think I look any larger but who knows! Maybe I am in denial ;)

As of today I am 2cm dialated and 50 percent effaced! Woo hoo! It is totally flipping Caleb out:) hehe I am freaking out too :p I am an over thinker and I am just anticipating the change that is going to occur. I know I will be pleasantly surprised because I am expecting the worst.
I am just so worried about how Laney is going to react to the babe and I worry about being able to be awake enough to be the best mom I can be. Of course I will give myself some slack because I will be tired but I just worry. I can't help it.

Also I have heard some moms call it a mom-vacation at the hospital and I can't help but think it is just going to be torture for me to be stuck there. I have never been away from Laney for more than one night and I don't want to. It's going to drive me batty not putting her to bed and taking care of her. Do I sound a bit like a control freak? I promise I'm least I don't think I am:p

Well I am soaking up these last few days with my baby as an only:)

Have a safe Friday night

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Thirty eight weeks

We are still preggo and going strong:)

I am still feeling pretty good. I can't sit on the floor anymore or I get a weird pain in my back. Laney has adapted our playing onto the couch and I have accepted that I can't be a part of all the activities that Caleb and Laney do:( I still try....I'm just not as quick as them.

Laney told me today we need to go to the doctor to get this baby out:) and that she is ready for him to be here:) When I told her my big belly was going to get smaller she was pretty disappointed. Haha she does love to lay on him:)

I am not feeling anxious about baby brother arriving soon, I mean he has to be here at least in the next three weeks but I am feeling anxious about going into labor. I REALLY don't want to be induced. I know I have said that before but I really don't want to.

When I had Laney we spent the night at the hospital and that night they gave me cervidil which kicked me into labor bright and early at seven a.m. They gave me some other stuff too I do not remember if it was just the nu babe or something else but it made me really sick. THEN when they wanted to start pitocin I was far enough along in my labor that I could have an epidural. So I never felt the full effects of the pitocin. My epidural didn't take all the pain away but it helped a lot!

I haven't discussed it with my doctor yet because she seems pretty confident that I will go on my own....which I'm not sure why since their isn't really a way to tell. But I will wait at least until 41 weeks before being induced. I want the whole experience too. Getting to labor at home for a while and just be with my husband. (hopefully he won't be at work, more wishful thinking on my part)

My prediction(I think, I can't remember but it is written down somewhere)
March 28
7 lbs 8oz
20 inches
Dark hair

Caleb's prediction:
April 7
20 inches
Blonde hair

I still have not packed my bag but do have a little pile started in Baby brothers room of what I am bringing for him:)

I want to pack a bag for Laney because this is all so damn unpredictable, but so is the weather!!!! I have no idea if it will be warm or cold! I suppose just pack her cold weather clothes for now....I am just rambling and typing out everything I am stressing about now:)

Have a super first day of spring!

Friday, March 15, 2013

37 weeks:)

I am FULL TERM!!! Caaaaahhhhhrazzzzy! I have three friends who are due within a week of me so it is just a waiting game for us now! I have accepted the fact that they will probably go into labor before me. When I was pregnant with Laney I remember girls who were due WEEKS after me who had their babies before me. It was very discouraging so this time I am accepting the fact that all of our babies will be here eventually and it doesn't matter when;)

I really really want to go into labor on my own. My mom wants me to have the ha! My guess was March 28th. Just wishful thinking on my part;) Caleb still hasn't made his prediction yet.

This past week I have had a really sharp pain down looooow. I think he is pushing down on my cervix. It only happens when he is moving and it hurts like a B! It makes me yelp and bend over. Not nice little boy.

So far I have gained 32 lbs. I am measuring 36 weeks.

I am starting to really swell:/ If I stand too long my feet get all pudgy and my hands have been too big for my wedding ring for a about a month now but they are really feeling tight lately. I have been craving salty foods sooo that could be a factor;)

We are making some progress on our kitchen:) I would really like the baby to wait until we get all the cabinets up to make his appearance because I know that I will be much more relaxed if their isn't a huge project waiting to be finished!

Have a lovely Saturday night!

Saturday, March 9, 2013


I had my doctors appointment yesterday which they tried to cancel! My Dr had three women in labor, but thankfully they were able to see me. Everything looked fine on the US, my fluid is normal, he is measuring perfect. He is in the 50 percentile for height and weight. When she measured me I measured 35 weeks......I have NO idea what he was doing last week that caused me to measure 31 weeks! Oye!

Have a beautiful Saturday!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


 I am 36 weeks today. I have been meaning to write about my appointment on Friday but for the first few days I was too nervous to even write it out and then I just being lazy. On Friday I went to my 35 week checkup and when she measured me I measured 31 weeks. The Friday before that at my 34 week appointment I measured 33 weeks, which is normal for me. She didn't seem too concerned and since I hadn't had an ultrasound since 20 weeks she thought I should get one to make sure that my amniotic fluid wasn't low. She said he felt like he was normal size and not abnormally small.

I knew I was growing. So I really couldn't figure out why he would measure so much smaller than he had before.
32 weeks-------------------------------35weeks
 You can tell in the picture above that I have grown since 32 weeks. That put my mind at ease for a little but my ultrasound wasnt scheduled until today! Way too much time for a pregnant woman to think!! So we had the US today and I only saw the tech but she did tell me that the fluid was measureing fine and that he weighed 6lbs 4oz. So he is not small, even though I dont really trust the US for an accurate weight measurement. It was pretty uneventful. They can't tell you anything since they are not doctors but she said that their was no reason she need to keep me, as in their was no concern......I guess. My appt is on Friday so I will find out more then. I feel much better knowing that he has enough fluid in there but I would really like to know that everything else checked out ok too! Leaving a pregnant woman hanging is dangerous.
Today:) I look sleepy and puffy but Caleb said people would like to see my face so there it  is world!
 I have been having contratctions like crazy the past two days. I was really worried I was going into labor last night beucase they were painful and I could feel them in my back! My sister is so funny she keeps reassuring me that everything will be fine becuase I have boobs and diapers. He will be fine. It will be fine.
I have been really patient with the weather but my coat no longer please warm up a little so I don't have to look like a stuffed sausage all the time. 
My little sweetie:) She has had quite the attitude lately I am chalking it up to this cold she cant kick. She has been such a lover to make up for it though! Kisses all the time and some serious snuggles at bed time. 

We had a cute little treasure hunt tonight:) I drew pictures of where the next clue was and hid it in an easter egg which was waiting at the next destination. I am NO artist that is our couch and her blue table:) It was really fun and quick to make.

Well I will update on Friday once I find out whats going on with Baby Brother.

Have a sweet Wednesday night.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

35 weeks

 35 weeks B!!!!!!!

  • As of last Friday I have gained 30 lbs exactly. I feel good about my weight gain, hopefully I just gain 5 more lbs. Wouldn't that be lovely? A pound a week right? who knows. Pregnancy weight gain is weird. You can control it in a way but not really. You can eat healthy and not eat excessive amounts of food, but 1. the cravings can be ridiculous and 2. If you gain too much one month its not like you can cut down to lose what you gained you just have to keep going. I don't know...i'm crazy.

  •  I figured out my sleeping issues. when I was laying down I scrunch my legs up in like a ball and it was making it so my diaphragm couldn't make room for my lungs to take a deep breath so if I stretch out I can lay down :)

  •  My belly is getting HUGE. I have been waddling:/ its not so much because of the size of my belly but because my pelvis is in pain. Its the only way to walk so that it doesn't hurt. I usually just waddle right when I get out of bed and today I tried to run and it felt like things were falling apart ha! Gross I know Im sorry I am an oversharer:)

  • This mirror is at the end of our hallway and Laney loves it! I dont think I will ever be able to move it ;) Look at that big ol' button! I got my hair done a few weeks ago. It looks and feels so much better!
  • I have an appt tomorrow. I am weekly now. 
  • I did finish one of my projects for baby brothers room! I am going to work on another tonight and hopefully have it finished as well. 
Have a superb Wednesday

Thursday, February 21, 2013

33 and 34 weeks

ooopps I skipped posting last week! I have so much on my mind i need to write but I also have about 20 projects going on right now! Maybe not that many.....
34 Weeks
I have been on a triscuit binge this week. Oh they are just so salty!

I go to the doctor tomorrow so I will find out my weight gain then

Sleeping is getting difficult. I had to sleep sitting up last night so I could breath :/

I think Laney understands more than I give her credit for about this whole baby thing. 

I am ready to not be pregnant anymore but I am not ready to give up this rack....

Sorry about the terrible quality
We have six weeks to get our kitchen done! I have primed 4 cabinets so is a sloooow process that needs to speed up!!!

my portable table.

my weekly mirror pic:) 

oh and just my little sweetie:) oh ya you see that white couch?!?! One of my projects that is almost done!!!!

Have a wonderful safe Thursday night!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

32 weeks

I say it every week. I cant believe I am THIRTY TWO weeks today. Only two months left.

that crayon on the table looks like cigarette butt ha! I couldn't figure out what it was 

In case you were curious about my natural hair color check out those roots! Those suckers are like five inches!! I love getting my hair done but I hate spending the money. The last time I got it done was in August when I had just found out I was pregnant ha! oops. I am finally getting it done on Saturday!!

My appetite has increased! I have been consuming pretty big meals. I made pasta salad yesterday and it was gone by lunch today. It is one of my favorite dishes. But I felt pretty gross knowing that I consumed a whole package of noodles to myself. I have been doing really well with eating balanced meals ya know except for the noodles.

Holy pregnant nose!! I woke up from my nap with this seriously swollen face! I didn't know you could have pregnant lips. The swelling goes down after I get up.

We are going to start the kitchen renovation any day now! We have all the plans set we just have to go purchase it all! I am sooooo excited to get this started and finished! It is going to be a pain in the butt while we are working on it but so worth it in the end to have a dishwasher and new cabinets! I will post pictures of the kitchen soon. The cabinets are from when the house was built and they smell old! I am really weird about smells. 

Well this got random. Just my style!
Have a wonderful Wednesday night!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wednesday randoms!!

I am 31 weeks today. This picture was taken last week, or maybe the week before, at the art museum. They had a large screen with this man doing something weird with rainbows being projected onto it. We got in trouble for taking pictures hehehe it was worth it. 

Caleb doesn't like this picture but I don't care, I love it! She asked if I would take a picture of them two of them! 
 She gets in her car rojo. "Maddy, I'm going to the store I am gonna buy you beer"
She saw me changing my shirt and looked down her own shirt. "oh, I have moles" hahahahaha

I am the "big bag wolf" "Big bag wolf? Can I turd?" hahaha I do not call it turding by the way. She came up with that one on her own

"Mommy can we be Yo-Ho, arrrg mateys?" "Pirates?" "YA PIRATES"!

  • Everyday we are either the big bag wolf and little red riding hood or she is Jake, I am Pixie, and when dad is home he is Captain Hook. Jake is from Jake and the neverland pirates, we couldn't remember the girls name so Laney said its pixie since she carries around pixie dust.

  • In my last post I very nonchalantly mentioned that I have gained 25 lbs like it was no big deal. I wanted to clarify that this is my second pregnancy. With my first it was not easy for me. It was very hard to see my body grow and grow and not know how big I was going to get. Now I don't know how much I will gain with this stinker, but I have gone through this before so its not so shocking. I just wanted to clarify since a lot of my friends are going through their first pregnancy and I didn't want everyone to think I just LOVE this weight gain and its no big deal. Because it can be hard, and that's OK
  • My cousins cousin (sounds weird) just started up her own business making gorgeous paintings and signs! Please go check it out! Its called Love Chalyn and THIS is a link to her Facebook page! She is a local business and has beautiful handmade pieces. Go check her out! We must support each other!
  • Update on Laneys MC: I thought the oil was working....and then today it looked bad again. A few people contacted me on my last post and thank you so much I will  be looking into some other treatments for it!
  • Laney is getting a flu shot tomorrow.....UGHHH I am freaking out. Mine hurt like an EMEER EFFER for so long and I am quite tolerant of shots and being stuck......also I hate to see her cry. She is going to be so upset that the dr is getting close to her let alone sticking her with a needle. Anyone want to talk me out of it? Feel free.

    Welp I am off to make some popcorn!

    Have a glorious night!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

30 weeks and other schtuff

I am 30 weeks! Seriously this pregnancy has been going waaay too fast.
  • Everything is getting more difficult to do :/ I didn't have these issues when I was pregnant with Laney. I  didn't sit on the floor or play hide and seek in the closet or behind the couch. Lane is so full of energy she just hops in and out of bed and up off of the floor, while it takes me a wee bit longer than it used too!
  • I have gained 25 lbs so far. I feel pretty good about it. Sure I would love my arms to be more toned but I don't feel like I have gained an excess weight.
  • My GTT came back normal
  • I am going to appts every two weeks now. Which I feel is a waste of time! I am not high risk, I have no questions, I know what is normal and whats not.

    Laney has molluscum contagiosum :( It sucks. The only way to get rid of them is to burn them off. Laney would never let a doctor repeatedly burn something off of her. It would totally freak her out. So we are using this stuff called Zymaderm. It is a super strong smelling oil that is supposed to help the bumps go away. We have been doing it for two days and havent seen much improvement. Has anyone else gone through this? I would like to avoid getting them burned off. If anyone has any advice please tell!!!

    Have a healthy night!!

Friday, January 18, 2013


                       A day in the life of Mom and Laney

Got out of bed at 9:29

I set alarms so I would remember to take a picture every hour

Breakfast on the couch:)

10:29 We folded laundry. 
And wore undies on our head:)

11:29 a little mid morning lounge and snack:)

12:29 Laney painted a masterpiece while......

I prepared lunch


1:29 practiced putting shoes on (getting sleepy)

2:29 having MORE popcorn watching a show before nap time. She looooves my preggo pillow

3:29 Mommas going to sleep watching Bones of course

4:29 Asleep
5:29 We woke up and hopped in the car to pick Maddy up from volley ball practice

6:29 Hanging out with our favorite 13 year old aunt:)

7:29 dinner!

 I think if I do another day in the life I will just take pictures of the highlights of our day. So much happened in between those hours. But I didn't take pictures! It was fun but didn't really capture what we do in a day.

Have a super Friday night!