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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Last Day of NaBloPoMo!

I am sad it is the last day!!!! I am going to try posting every other day if not everyday. It has not been that hard and I hope I keep it interesting:) Well this is going to be a post of randoms becuase thats what I am good at!

Mah boobs are killing me!!!! No one told me stopping would be this painful!!! I am hoping they go down tomorrow but who knows that what I was saying yesterday :p She has been doing fine she was a little frustrated this morning because she was still sleepy.

My sisters, Laney and I made some puppy chow tonight, it was delicious! Lane loved it of course:)

At the church that I go to therapy at they have this Christmas tree that you are supposed to donate your old hats, scarfs or gloves to for charity so I bought these three dollar gloves and hat from Target yesterday and I am going to take it in tomorrow. I am also making some scarves from fleece that I had here to donate there as well:) It makes me feel so good to give!

Tomorrow is the first day of advent! I am going to make Laney a little ornament tonight to get out of her advent calender. I posted a picture here.

I might also make some stocking tonight too who knows I have a lot of gifts to work on its hard to figure out which one to work on first!

I tried to tone down on the exclamation points hehehe

taken and edited by Jenny:)

I love this picture! She was hanging an ornament back on the tree:) That dog under the tree was mine from Christmas of 2000! I wanted a dog and my parents got me a stuffed one hahaha

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog all month I am going to make an effort to keep on blogging!

Have a warm Wednesday night!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving pictures

I cant get the pictures to be any bigger without making them fuzzy and I am way to tired to try to figure it out:/

My first turkey:)

my dad:)
My step-sister Michele, her boyfriend Eric, and my step-brother Chris
My lovely sisters and my Laney

very tired after lunch!!! I took a nap shortly after this picture:p

beautiful Michele:) she is the water girl
posing with my turkey:) Skirt made by me!

Mi familia

attempting to cut my turkey
Place settings, my dad and I didnt coordinate colors before hand :p

Laneys costume that I made:)

Gorgeous ladies:)

cooking some dinner/lunch!

Have a snowy Tuesday night!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Sad sad day

I stopped nursing today......I thought I would be more upset than I am. I told her last night when we were nursing that it was our last time and that we were not going to nurse tomorrow. This morning when we always nurse in bed we just got up and didn't lay in bed at all. It was hard she was really upset, she only asked a couple of times and I just redirected our attention to something else. We ate yogurt standing up because if I sat down she would try to nurse. Then we took a shower and I wore a bikini top. One she wakes up all the way she is fine. It will just be an adjustment for her :( I hope tomorrow goes better, we will have Kinsley so she will be a good distraction.

Caleb was reading my blog yesterday and suggested that I use less exclamation points hahahaha ya he is right :) I use way too many! <----- first one this post! 
I love this picture! she looks so cute with her little boots and hat! Jennifer and Howie bought Laney this hat:) They are so sweet to us! I am so glad to have such good friends:)
I have been craving a fireplace so my sweet sweet husband got me one hahahaha Its a ps3 background:)

Laney and I made no bake cookies last night and she  cant get enough of them! She absolutly loves them! I let her stand on a chair at the counter while I made them and I spilled a little cocoa on the counter and she ate it up:) she was very busy trying to eat the cocoa off of the counter:p I love that girl! She has started saying "doing?" aahhh its my favorite! I cant believe how smart she is. We can communicate really well:)

Have a lovely Monday  night:)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Photo Challenge Sunday!!

I love posting on Sundays because I don't have to think about what to write it is already planned out!!! Go here to read Ciaras! I just read her post she is having technical difficulties so go read her old posts today and check it tomorrow for her photo challenge update!!

15. Technology
This is our apple tv thing. It has a lot of cool features but so far I have only used netflix and looking at my pictures from my iPhone. Go here to learn more:)

16. Animals

hehehe this is a squirrel:) if you didn't notice :p I took this on my nature walk with Jenny and I couldn't  help but use this hahaha its such a silly picture


This picture was taking in early July 2010:) My baby Lane was only a few weeks old in this picture:) This picture makes me so happy! She loved being slumped over my shoulder with pressure on her tummy. I love those little stick legs and how young Caleb looks even though this was not that long ago!

18.Something new
These little cuties are ornaments that I bought at crate and barrel for Jenny and I. They are recycled tin so they are very sturdy. Laney was trying to eat one today..... haha I love that goof ball!

19. Best Friend
My husband Caleb! He is my best friend in the world! I can tell him anything and I am most comfortable with him:) He is the sweetest kindest guy I know and he loves me so much!

This is my new advent calender! I got it at Target and I am so excited to fill it with goodies for Laney!

21.Where you sleep

This is my bed:) It is boring and needs some work! We have blue sheets and a white duvet. With good ol' Marylin above our bed:) We use really squishy pillows so they dont look the best in pictures

Have a safe Sunday night!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

I&apos;m writing!

I almost didn't write today! Right now Caleb and I are searching our apartment for the tiny remote for our apple tv thing! Laney was playing with it earlier and now we can't find it! She put it in a jar that she was carrying around, which also contained a purple sock some pretzels and some cash hahahs the treasures of a sixteen month old:)

I just found the remote it was tangled in the sheets. Sorry Lane for blaming it on you! Hehe I am serious I hope to write something I treating one of these days but it has been a busy week!

Have a beautiful Saturday night!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Life is goooood

I have spent the last few days with family and I absolutely love! My baby sister Maddy slept over Wednesday night and I saw my dads side of the family on thanksgiving, then last night Elisa spent the night and we hung out with Caleb's side of the family all say! I love everyone in his family! I wish we saw them more. I am can't wait for Christmas time to see Caleb's dad side of the family and everyone else! Now I just need to see my mom! She has been gone since Wednesday.

I am currently watching the office in BED eating pretzels and drinking a beer! Oh ya life is good!

I am posting on my phone because I am too lazy to sit at the computer right now. I am leaving you with a hilarious picture of my Lano!

Have an incredible Friday night!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! I am having a wonderful day! I woke up at 6 this morning and got my turkey in the oven, I showered before anyone woke up! Phew I was up early! everything turned out wonderful! I couldn't find a good sweet potato recipe so I made up my own! I mashed the potatoes then put a lot of butter and brown sugar in! It was very good! I just realized I completely forgot about brussel sprouts! They are sitting in my fridge! Ooops I guess I will be making those this week! I have lots of stuff I have made to show you guys the next couple days! So the next posts won't be as boring as they have been........I hope!
Have a great turkey night!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving eve:)

It is thanksgiving eve and I am finally laying In bed! Maddy is sleeping over tonight! We are in bed eating pretzels and mustard:) yum! I am so exhausted from all the preparation for tomorrow. I have been up close and personal with my turkey today and I am waking up at six to get started! I hope that the coffee works! Here are a few pictures from today!

Have a fantabulous Wednesday

Maddys word of the day and my autocorrect recognized it!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

feeling ok :)

I am feeling oddly calm considering thanksgiving is two days away.
I have all the furniture moved around where I want it, the carpet is clean, almost all of the laundry is done, the dishwashers running, all I have left is to touch up the paint on the walls, clean the bathrooms, change the sheets and figure out the timing of dinner! Not too bad! I was worried that I would feel really overwhelmed but I feel alright:)

Today we got a new tv!! I am really really excited to have a tv in the bedroom! It will be nice on the weekends when Caleb works until 12:00, that way I can knit in bed and watch tv. hahaha im pretty lame. I have a hard time going to sleep when he is not home so hopefully this will help.

Miss. Lane is sleeping over at her Nonnas house tonight. I am so grateful for the help I have from my family!. Their is no way I could have gotten the carpets cleaned if she were here tonight. It was too loud and I cant do that when she is awake because I would have to hold her the whole time and that is tiring! and boring for her but she is too freaked out by loud noises to be down by herself.

My wonderful friend Jennifer let me borrow her parents carpet cleaner and I am so thankful for that too! I love having good friends:) Thank you so much Jennifer!

I am sorry if I am rambling but I had ONE WHOLE BEER and ya know how that goes for me....ya pathetic

I am going to go lay in bed and finsish Laneys Indian costume and watch Raising Hope!

Have a Terrific Tuesday night!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Baking cookies!

Jenny and Laney made sugar cookies tonight! It was so sweet:) Laney helped her roll out the cookie dough and helped her eat it:p this is defiantly a picture overload! Hehehe they were all so cute I couldn't pick!

Have an epic Monday night! (Caleb came up with this one:))

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Photo Challenge Sundays:)

Its photo Challenge Sunday! Here are my photos 8-14! Go here to see Ciaras photos from this week!

8. Favorite Color
Pink!!! I used to say it was green (I really do love green) but my eye is always drawn to pink if I see anything pink I want it. I have a pink trash can :p If I could I would have everything pink, but my husband would not be very happy:( This is wrapping paper
9.Inspiring person
My mother inspires me! She is an incredible person/mother/daughter/friend. She would do anything for her family! I didn't notice how much she does for us until I became a mother myself and it really opened my eyes. She always put her children first and that is so important to me. I love how hard she worked to make sure that we were all happy. Even when I rebelled she worked even harder to get me to realize that I was a good person. I am so grateful for everything she has done for me and I am so incredibly inspired by her strength. 

I took this picture on my nature walk with Jenny:) It is from Holiday Park!

11.Something Old
This calender belonged to my grandmother Macca. She bought it in 1975. This hung in her house when I was a little girl and I absolutely loved it! She told me she was going to give it to goodwill so I took it off her hands:)

Miss. Lanes adorable hands! I took this last night while she was eating :p I said can I take a picture of your hands? and she started rubbing them together saying "lotion!" haha that's what she is saying in this picture:)

13.Written Words
This is fabric that I painted and wrote on :) I took a class by Alisa Burke and this was one of her techniques, I think I might make a tote out of it. The words are from 'The other Boleyn girl':)

hehehe  this was from last weekend Laney was running around in Jennys old ballet slippers and I wanted to get a picture but you know how exciting ballet slippers are:) she couldn't stand still!

Have a tremendous Sunday night!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Saturday Randoms

oh my effing god! I just wrote out a post and then deleted it on my phone! rooooaaaaar I am too pissed right now to re write it. It was basically about all this shit I have to do this week so I really dont have time to re write the damn post! arrrrg I am sorry I am mad! I will write one when I get into bed tonight but for now her is an angry post!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Im Blank Because......

I stole this from Little Miss Momma:) she is one of my favorite mommy bloggers!

I’m weird because…
I cant sit on the couch with my feet hanging off they have to be on Caleb or sitting Indian style(if he isn't home) 
I have to sleep on the right side of the bed
I cant wear shoes in the house it feels so wrong
I have to wash a blanket right away if someone besides Caleb or I use it
Black coffee is like candy to me I freaking love it! 
I hate being cold but I cant wait for snow

I’m a bad friend because…
I am horrible at responding on facebook
I don't respond to texts in a timely manner

I’m a good friend because…
I always make time for them
I care about them A LOT!
I always try to help them if they need me

I’m sad because…
 I miss my sister
my husband has to work so much
my only mommy friend/cousin lives 45 mins away

I’m happy because…
My baby is healthy 
I have a home
we don't struggle financially
my family loves me as much as I love them:)
Laney snuggles me before I put her to bed
my husband treats me like a princess

I’m excited for…
hosting Thanksgiving 
getting to see all of Caleb's family:) 
my christmas tree
giving gifts
turning on the heat

 Have a stupendous Friday night!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

So tired.....

I am so tired. Laney woke up this morning at six and I am worried that my new medication is suppressing my appetite because I barely ate today. Its not that I am not hungry I just can keep going without eating. Usually I am like falling asleep or get really sick feeling but I feel fine and I have so much more to do than eat so it just gets overlooked! Ugh which makes me exhausted by the time I do eat. I am struggling to write this post right now I am that tired! The playstation network is being 'worked on' so no netflix tonight :( boo just going to watch my husband play some skyrim. It is actually an interesting game its not just a shooter.

I am sorry that this post is so lame:( I will get some cute pictures of Laney and Kinsley for tomorrows post!

Have sweet dreams on this Thursday night!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Didn't you ask.....

To see the cutest baby in the world? No? Oh well here she is anyway!

Taken by Jenny (i just realized I put this one in the snow post! oh well its too stinking cute!)

Have a swell Wednesday!