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Friday, September 21, 2012

Embarrassing Mom

By embarrassing mom I mean myself. I am already embarrassing my daughter, not that she knows it yet. Today we went to Target and I got a pumpkin spice latte {YUM} I went to swipe my card and it didn't work. So I tried to call Caleb...he didn't answer....I checked our online banking and we had plenty of money in there.....I tried calling Jets to get a hold of Caleb and he wasn't there....then the sweet employee at Starbucks bought my latte for me!! I started bawling right away. It was just the sweetest gesture to me. It meant so so so much to me that she did that. Their was no line so she wasn't doing it just to get me out of there. Caleb finally had the chance to answer the phone as I was walking away from the counter thanking this woman in my ugly, squeaking, crying voice. AND I got to walk through Target with tears running down my face trying to stop my pregnant sobbing. If only Laney really knew what was happening she would have been very embarrassed of her over emotional mom :p I gave her lots of kisses to make up for my weirdness.

What I really want to say is more people need to be like that woman! She seriously made my night! My card did end up working I don't know why it didn't work there maybe human error ;)

Let me clarify Caleb was at work so he couldn't answer the phone I am not blaming my mishap on him I just wanted you to get an idea of how long it took me:)

After we left Target Laney and I went to the Hamilton Town Center to go to the candy store!!!

And then we hid under a blanket:) she was taking my "temperature" in this picture:)

Have a special Friday night and do something nice for someone:)

Monday, September 17, 2012

Im back for good!!

I miss this blog! I hate that I havent blogged in so long:( I think about it everyday. We just got our computer fixed so know I can start writing again! I was determined to write today and then my friend Jennifer texted me and said she missed the  blog! It was the perfect kick in the butt to start writing again. Jennifer and I used to be neighbors and now we live 30 mins or more away which really isnt that bad but I am used to seeing her almost everyday! This way she can keep up with what is going on with me:)

I am sure all of you know since all of my readers are my facebook friends buuuuuuut.......

My baby is going to be a big sister!!!!! {shirt made by me}

We are so so happy!! I will be 12 weeks on Wednesday and we are due April 3!

We were going to wait until this Wednesday to tell the news but we were too excited! Weeks 6-10 were not fun. I felt awful all the time. I never got sick I just felt like I had the worst hangover of my life. I have started talking naps when Laney does which I wish I didnt have to but I would crash at 4:00 pm if I didnt:/ I dont have any "cravings" yet, but I do enjoy sourish foods. Like salt and vinigar chips and sauerkraut. I loved sour stuff with Laney too I ate sauerkraut out of the jar with Lane! Gross I know:p I havent gained any weight yet although I feel like it! Laney doesnt really understand what is going on yet, I cant wait for her to have a sibling!

Laney is doing wonderful:) She is the sweetest girl I know! Her imagination is growing and she loves to play with me and Caleb:) She loves to read and play hide and seek. I could listen to that girl talk all day she says the funniest stuff! She is very serious too, she likes to bandage my "wings" and listen to my heart with her heartscope:) I cant think of what she sould be for Halloween though! I ask her all the time and she just giggles at my suggestions and says they are silly :p We are still working on potty training, she is not fond of the potty:/ but we will get there slowly but surely.

Well I am off to watch some TV until my man gets home:)

Have a sweet Monday night:)