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Friday, November 30, 2012

Last Posty of November

Why am I sad that NaBloPoMo is over??? oh right that's because I am CRAZY :p I like having to post but I also hate it.

We had a full day of shopping with Jenny and hanging out with Nonna and Maddy tonight. We went and got my moms tree. It was a great night to go since its warmish. I heard this could be our last warm week. I hope that's true! I want the snow!!!

She had a blast! She just ran up and down the aisles of trees the whole time:) In the picture above she was pretending to look for her friend Emma......I don't know who Emma is. 

I could not get a still picture!!

Have a wonderful night I am exhausted!!!!

Thursday, November 29, 2012


I have not worked out in a looong time! I know its bad. Before I got pregnant I went walk/jogging a few times but since then I haven't done anything!! I feel VERY weak and my back is getting achy. So I pulled out my prenatal yoga DVD and did it tonight for the first time this whole pregnancy. It was not easy but it feels so good! My back feels so much better! Right when I started and we were just doing the warm up stretches I could already feel a difference. I hope I can keep up with it! I was only ten minutes in and it felt like a half hour hahaha! I am so out of shape! I did cut it a little short because I started feeling nauseous  I feel like I am so fragile and I hate it! I think it is because I am so out of shape. The other day I was trying to carry stuff out to the garage and my heart was racing and I got dizzy. RIDICULOUS!! I have got to change that.

My sister Jenny made this tree skirt!! I love it! I think it is so pretty! You cant really tell in this picture but it is HUGE!! She started on Monday and finished today! I don't know how many hours she worked on it but every time I talked to her she was working on a lot! This is the text she sent me today after she finished "Even though it was insane and I lost a few hours of my life and burned my thumbs 8 million times... I'm still glad I made it! I love it!" hahaha I love her:)

Have a sweet Thursday night!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

22 Weeks and other news!!

First things first: My amazing beautiful cousin Ciara got married to the love of her life and father to her two beautiful girls today!!! I am so so so stinking happy for them! Best surprise ever:)

I don't really have anything to top that news;) we painted a table today in our living room:) it was black and chipped , it makes me really happy to see it all sleek and gray

 My mom bought me this vanity at an estate sale? I think thats what its called, when I was in high school and I still love it and use it!! We painted it right there so those cards under it were to keep the paint off of the carpet :p

I am 22 weeks today! I broke out the maternity jeans today and they are much more comfortable for sitting on the ground and playing! I still have room for some booty and thigh growing in these pants which is good! All of my maternity shirts are waaaay too big still but my long sleeved regular shirts make me look a little stuffed into them:/ awkward stage.

Well have a dreamy Wednesday night!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Mucho better

I feel so much better today! I am awake and alert! Laney and I have already done so much. We went to wal-mart this morning to get some more of our house keys made, we looked at some toys too that I think Santa might bring:)

We got the house cleaned and the floors swept. Well I did that. AND finished one of my Christmas projects I have been working on!

I started this post earlier:) Now it is almost nine and I have finished two projects!!! yaaay I feel so good about what I got done today!

 This is the "angel" I made Laney yesterday that I think looks like a monster hehe its the smile, it looks like she has monster teeth
 I really like this one:)
 This little tree has taken me forever to finish! I don't like the color of the green balls in this picture. I don't love it as much as I thought I would. I think if I did it again I would use the same size bals or maybe just not the larger ones. It looks a little lumpy. I love my advent calender back there though:)
 I made this tree skirt tonight!!! Dont mind the tinsel hanging down on it. This project was free!! Thank goodness I spent a lot of money on felt last year and did nothing with it :p I just cut out a circle of red felt then lined it up on the white and cut around it to make border and hot glued them together. this photo makes it look pretty lumpy and not symmetrical but it looks better in person :) I cut the top circle too big so I added a white circle so you couldn't see the base
 Eating a cookie behind the tree talking to Alfalfa dad

Have a festive Tuesday night!

Monday, November 26, 2012

out of it

I am so out of it today!!! I was just laying here watching extreme couponing  with the coumpter on my lap for an hour!! I completly forgot that I had it open to write a post.... I have no idea whats wrong with me today but I felt very quiet. Not sad. Not mad. Just quiet today. Super mellow, I didnt have any coffee today so that could be a factor.

Ok. I am watching extreme couponing and I think these people are addicted to it. It is a little freaky. I dont understand why they need so much stuff. I hope that people donate a lot of this stuff to charity because most of it would go bad before a normal size family could go through all of it. It takes hours to go through it all and check out. one woman was there for 5 hours. No thank you. That is just silly. One woman did 18 different transactions!

ok done with my bitching. Well maybe. I made two more ornaments for Laney and I am only at nine!!! OYE!!!

photo by Jenny Pritchard

This is a better picture of her dress:) and the cutest picture of Laney EVER! I love this sweet girl so much:) She brings my life so much joy:)

Have a great night

Sunday, November 25, 2012

21 weeks

I forgot to write on Wednesday when I turned? Became? 21 weeks:)

-baby boy is the size of a carrot

-I'm feeling pretty good still:)

-I HATE sleeping on my side:/ I feel like I wake up all night trying to find a good position when all I want is to be on my back!

- I want one of those big pregnancy pillows that wraps around you. I think I might just go buy some squishy king size pillows to put around my self though since the preg pillows are pricey!!!

That's about all I have that's new since last week!

I had such a wonderful weekend with my family:) Caleb's family has always made me feel so comfortable:) I am so thankful for that especially since I am so shy it can be hard!

I made no bake cookies tonight! I have been craving them:)

Have a sweet Sunday night!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Date night:)

We went on a date tonight! It was the first time since July? Maybe August.

We went to Kazan. It was pretty good;)

Then we went to wal-mart and bought some Christmas books for Laney and some Christmas decor:)

We were going to go out with my friend Jennifer for her birthday but I got too sleepy:(

Now we are watching out shows and going to bed!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Feeling really sick right now

Have a great Friday

Thursday, November 22, 2012


I am up all by myself this morning:) I am a wee but excited to see everyone today:)

I have so many things to be thankful for.

I am thankful......

...everyone in my family is employed (even me, by a two year old)

...we are healthy

...I am happy, I have always been happy but I am finally comfortable. No anxiety husband who I adore and he adores me

...our daughter, the girl who made our hearts grow

...our son, the boy who will make our hearts grow bigger

...our first home

...all of my family

I could go on forever about what I am thankful for! I just feel so blessed to have so many great people in my family:) I love all of you! Happy Thanksgiving!

Have a Turkey Thursday!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Mah baby

I have to write a few things down that Laney had been saying and doing lately becuase I just dont want to forget! They are so darn funny!

Police offer (Police Officer) She calls the police offer on her phone all the time haha

Woofeee (Woopee)

I have so many nicknames from her
-Mommy octopus
-Mommy duck
-Mommy Umi friend
She knows it makes me melt when she calls me these things, and I of course call her 'baby' whatever she said back to her:)

She loves to pretend to be my baby:)

One of her favorite games is to pretend to sleep! I have to make sure not to play that in the morning or mom gets a little too comfortable :)

When she wants something to drink she asks for pink lemonade, but it doesn't matter what it is. It can be water and she still drinks it.

She is absolutely  a two year old. If I say no to something she loses it. Crying on the floor. The other day she asked for something and I said Yes and started to make a whiny noise and then realized I said yes. ha! goof ball!

Her reeses ornament that she picked out at Target is Pixie Dust. I have no explanation for that one. And if there are multiples of anything roundish they are gold doubloons.

She has an insane memory and capability to retain information. I don't let her watch too much T.V. but she can spout facts about animals from Diego like its her job! She remembers most of the Spanish words the teach on Dora and Diego too! She will go around speaking her Spanish I looove it!  Maybe this is normal behavior, I am very impressed with her though:)

She loves the song Call me Maybe.

I am so glad I got this list down! I want to be able to look back and read this. Especially since I have a terrible memory! If I remember more I will add to the list:)

Have a SAFE Wednesday night!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


This is a horrible picture of her dress but it was all I got today! I couldn't figure out how to hang it up so you could see the whole thing I will take better pictures on Thanksgiving:) sorry for the short post! I have been cleaning and doing laundry all day non stop! Phew I am pooped now I am going to do my hair so I don't have to worry about it tomorrow!

Have a relaxing night!

Monday, November 19, 2012

La tree is up

I found our base for a real tree today and did some serious work to get it to fit our fake tree:) 

 We had to move the furniture all around to find a spot to put the tree:) I like what we finally decided on. That is NOT our tree skirt it is just the fabric I will be making the skirt out of. You can tell someone was playing with the tree, their are a few ornaments plucked from the tree:)

I made two more ornaments for Laneys advent calender! I am not crazy about the gift. I dont love the colors or the bow but Laney really liked so that is all that matters!! I really love how the candy cane turned out!

I finished Laneys Thanksgiving dress tonight and she LOVES it!! I will post pictures tomorrow once its pressed:)

have a festive Monday night!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Toddler Fun!

I almost forgot to post today! I usually think about it during the day, like what I am going to write about but I didn't think about it once! I got on my reader and saw Ciaras blog and remembered. oops 

I have been on Pintrest more lately and my favorite categories are Kids and Crafts:) I found this bathtub paint on there. It just so happens that it came from a book that we own! The book was a hand me down from Calebs aunt and I thought that the activities were too old for Laney right now so I didn't read it.

 You just add food coloring to shaving cream and mix it around! The brushes I got were kitchen basting brushes. You can use any paintbrush. We decided we wanted to do this at like seven p.m. so we ran up to CVS and bought shaving cream and those were the only brushes they had!
 Everything I read suggested doing it during the bath but I didn't want to color the water or have her bathing in shaving cream so she painted first for a while and then we took a shower and just rinsed it off the walls. It did not leave any color on the walls. It did leave color on her skin but after I turned the shower on it rinsed right off. I suggest showering after you do this!

 We did it again while I had the shower on and I just made red 'paint', It worked fine but a little water retains in our shower right now and the water was red the whole time. I don't think it made our feet red (i didn't notice if it did) but it was weird having red water in the tub!

  Sleeping under her tree with felt blankies and 'gold doubloons" (pom-poms).

I found this tree idea on pintrest too:) I LOVE it! I didn't have a big enough piece of green felt to make the whole tree so I just cut out two halves and sewed them together. Laney loves it too!
 Their are so many cute ideas you could do with this. I just did ball ornaments, a few lights and a candy cane:) You could do gingerbread men or snowman cutouts. I don't have very much felt right now since I am using it for her advent calender but if I did I would make more ornaments:) I highly recommend this for the littles and its super inexpensive. The cheapo felt is .34 at Joanns and the nice felt by the yard is like $7.99 a yard which is way more than you would need AND joanns always has super coupons and the fabric is always on sale. I had purchased all of my felt last year so this project was free for me!
I love how she lined them up! She played under it all night it was so sweet:) It is now in the dining room and no longer crooked:) ha! OH I hung it up with tape and I don't know how long that will last. I think I am going to get those command strips.

Have a crafty Sunday night!

Saturday, November 17, 2012


I am up before everyone else today:) I usually am but I stay in bed until Laney wakes up:) I have the craziest dreams EVERY night and by the time seven or eight roll around I am done with the dreams and would rather be awake:)

Baby boy is up with me just squirming around in my belly:) I know I talk about his movement a lot but seriously this is crazy. He is strong already. Yikes.

We might be putting our tree up today:) we haven't decided yet! I like to wait until after Thanksgiving so maybe we will. I would have to wait until the Sunday after for Caleb to be home long enough to put it long!

Well I will finish this post later tonight!

Ok I'm back:) it's been exactly 12 hours since I started this post. Weird!
We opened up the box to put the tree up and we are missing a piece! I bought the tree after Christmas last year and never opened it! I'm pretty upset but we emailed the company so we should be getting the piece. It is for the base of the tree to stand up so we can't really get around it:/ if it doesn't come in by next Saturday I might buy a regular base and try to put it up that way:) I really want my tree up!

I am going to watch a movie and paint my nails! Hope you enjoyed the random post that tool all day:)
I do have something fun to show tomorrow but I need my compute to post:)

Have a warm Saturday night!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Pizza Parlor!

I have a few episodes on my phone of Blues Clues for Lane while we drive and stuff. One of the episodes they are pretending to go to school and at the end they go to a pizza parlor. Well Laney loves it and talks about going to a pizza parlor all the time and making a pizza. SOOO since her dad runs a "pizza parlor" we decided to go in and make one!!

 She got to play with dough and put all of the toppings on it was the BEST!
Laney and Dad:) she was in freaking heaven. they put it in together and got to watch it come out, then she picked out the box:)

This was in carpool line picking up aunt Maddy:) She loves wearing glasses! She also just found out that Nonna (my mom) is a teacher. Second greatest moment of her life. My mom had to leave tonight and she said to me  "our teacher had to go home" hahaha she loves it! 

Have a splendid Friday night!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

It's a.........


I still can't believe it! Caleb is so so excited! Everything in the US looked great! I am so happy for a good report! I am exhausted as is my family! It will be an early bedtime for us tonight!
Have a creative Thursday night!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

20 Weeks!!!

I am twenty weeks today:)

Baby is the size of a banana

I cant believe we find out tomorrow. I have been trying not think about it so I don't get too anxious waiting but I am freaking out now! I cant believe it! I think it is a boy and Caleb thinks its a girl SO one of us will be right:)

We both will be so happy no matter what. I am just hoping that everything looks good! With Laney I had no idea that anything could be wrong ha so naive. Turns out she is perfect BUT at my ultrasound at 18 weeks they told me that one of her kidneys wasn't emptying i think. I cant even remember now because I just put it out of my mind once she was born and everything was ok! They also told me that she might be down syndrome because her first and second toe were too far apart.....Her toes are normal.

I also bawled my eyes out when I had my US with Laney. They were happy tears, I had no idea that they just put the thing on my belly and it look so much like a baby haha! So I was in disbelief that I could see my baby girl.

Nothing has changed since I updated last week. I am in more pain this time than I was with L. Like standing on one leg to put my socks on hurts my pelvis. Its weird.

Well I will update tomorrow with what this little pumpkin is!!!!

Have a calming Wednesday night:)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

beauty products

Today I want to share what beauty products I use:) First off I have very sensitive skin, especially on my face! I cant use any liquid foundations although I do love them! They make me break out and make my psyriosis bad on my face. I never really found a color that matched my skin anyway so powder is all around better for me!

To wash my face I use Cetephil and I use Olay face lotion.

No makeup

I tried to get a close up of around my mouth but I was using my phone so its not very good. Pregnancy has given me some nice zits around my mouth!

I bought bareMinerals kit from Ulta that came with three brushes, foundation, bronzer, mineral powder, and primer. 

I bought a bareMinerals kit that came with three different brushes, foundation, bronzer, mineral powder, and primer for like 60 dollars. I use the concealer brush with the foundation. I think their is a seperate concealer but the foundation works great for me!

FINISHED!I use covergirl eyerliner only on the top, and maybelline mascara. I just wear chapstick on my lips, right now I am using carmex.
I wanted to add more pictures and details to this post but I am having a lot of issues with the pictures and wording and NO patience for it!

I hope you enjoyed it!

Have a beautiful night!

Monday, November 12, 2012


My baby girl is home with me!!!! She got home at noon but ya know I'm still excited! We also had our first snow this morning! It was absolutely beautiful!

Caleb and I cleaned the whole upstairs today while Lane was still at her Oma's. she was so excited when she got home she couldn't stop bouncing haha. It was so cute:) We just hung out the rest of the day just us girls:)

I have five ornaments for the advent calender done and twenty more to go phew! I might make another one tonight but when I am sleepy my work can get sloppy so I might just wait!

Well I am going to put baby girl down:)

Have a safe Monday night!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

So tonight was my night that I had planned to do my Christmas crafts and I just got home. Its almost nine and I am already ready for bed! I didn't have my house key so I had to wait for Caleb to get off work to go home. I did get to go out with my dad and step-mom who I never see so that was nice.

Maybe I will wake up and clean tomorrow just so I have something to show.

  • Maddy had a showcase today (for singing) and she sang a really sad song:( I had never heard it before. It is called Ronan by Taylor Swift. Needless to say I sobbed before she even started singing HA! I will have to post a video of her soon she is amazing!!!
  • We have been painting the dining room and kitchen so I will post pictures soon
Lets end this annoying, whiny, random post with some freakishly cute pictures of Laney and Kinsley from March or April I cant remember!
 mean muggin Kins

Have a sweet dreamy Sunday night. 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

This is the first day I have not had a post planned! I am staying at my moms house tonight. I usually stay here on Saturday nights since Caleb works the night shift Saturday and the day shift Sunday.

Well Laney and I didn't nap today and I am exhausted! I can't believe it's only 7:00! Ugh I'm tired.

Lane and I had an awesome morning with Caleb. She was in a great mood! Then we came and played with momma and Maddy.

Sorry for the sucky post I am just exhausted!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Christmas crafts!

Laney is having a sleepover this weekend with one of her grandmas so I have the night to myself! I have been trying to find good crafts to do since I don't usually have a stretch of time like that to myself and I want to fill it with something I enjoy and not cleaning and organizing which is what I should do. I really want to have a lot of Christmas decor this year since it is Laneys favorite thing to go places and see there 'Christmas Wonderland'. I was browsing Pintrest today and this are some of the things I found that look interesting!

I love this little nativity scene!
I will be making this!
I love the stairs!!
Love these carolers!
I want two of these for my grandma!

Have a crafty Friday!