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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Santas workshop

For the past few weeks Laney has been talking about Santa's workshop. We haven't been anywhere to see a workshop but I think they mention it in one of her Christmas shows. Yesterday after Caleb got home from work he told me he wanted to do something fun today so I thought why not make a "workshop" here! I planned it out this morning before nap and right when I put her down I put it all together. I wanted it to be a complete surprise for her:)

I pushed our table against the corner so we could make an "igloo" underneath. Another thing she has been talking about lately.

I wrapped her blocks so she could open them:) She doesn't care what is in it she just likes to unwrap gifts:)

Marshmallow snacks of course

I cut up little pieces of paper for her to glue on the tree. And a tiny hammer for building toys of course!
Her igloo:)

The black ribbon on the lamp is so Caleb wont bump his head:) We had the table moved for a while and he kept hitting his head.
coloring her picture.

We stayed in our jammies all day:)

I wanted something little to put her crayons in so I cut two solo cups hahaha a wee bit jankdy

Marshmallow snack!

working hard opening those blocks

playing with her "gifts"

 Caleb had the great idea to put lights in her igloo! It is such a fun little cozy spot.

We had Christmas music on and ended the night with some no bake cookies. It was a wonderful christmasy filled night:) I love making these memories for my family:)

Have a jolly Tuesday night

Monday, December 10, 2012

a nice break from blogging

I have taken a long break from posting:) I think about it everyday but just never do it! I am now 23 weeks preggo. yes I just had to check my phone to see how far along I am haha I seriously feel like only half of my brain is working.....Its very unfortunate.

here is my belly... It is now starting to feel like a pregnant belly and not just squishy. I am carrying low, I carried low with Laney too but nothing like this. It feels like he is going to break my pelvis. Sorry kinda graphic and I think I have said that before. half a brain people, work with me.

I just finished another Christmas project but didnt take any pictures of it yet. I will post the finished product later:) Sorry kind of a lame post. Caleb walked in the door right as I started to write so I forgot everything I was going to post because I just want to talk to him about his day! ha!
 Have a wonderful Monday night.