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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Daddy's girl

Laney could not be MORE like her dad and LESS like me in the music department. She has always loved any toys with music and she loves listening to music on our phones. The other night we were driving home and she asked for my phone and started listening to my music. I looked in the mirror and she was just looking out the window, I asked her what she was thinking about and she said "nothing just listening to music" eeeeee I was giggling to myself it was so sweet! We usually watch a show before bed and she just wanted to listen to music! It's unbelievable how she has the same interests as Caleb and I without influencing her. Caleb has always been really big into music and me not so much! I was a gymnast when I was a little girl, I usually didn't walk anywhere it was cartwheels or somersaults. No joke! Laney just found out that she can swing from things like she is on a bar. She loves flipping and "doing" handstands:) we are signing up for mommy and me gymnastics soon! I can't wait it will be at the gym that I used to go to:) She has also become really interested in singing:) I love it she will sing for anyone, it makes me so proud because she used to be such a shy girl.

Have a glorious Wednesday night:)

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