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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I'M BACK!!!!

 well I didn't go anywhere I just suck at blogging I guess! So their is nothing wrong with me.........I mean they didn't find out why I am so tired. I am guessing its because I am waking up two times a night.Laney has been sick for a while now, she had a cold starting when I was still at my moms and now it has turned into a sinus infection. It has been hard she isn't like "all I want to do is cuddle" sick, just like "I want to play but i want to be in your arms while i am doing it", which i love playing with her but trying to put on my bra and tie my shoes while holding my 8 1/2 month old sweetheart is quite difficult. We went to the Dr. and got some antibiotics and are finally starting to feel better. and and and the past two nights she has only woken up once at 4!! eeeeeeeeeee I have felt so much better!!! I am not going to do any 'sleep training' because when she wakes up at 4 that girl eats!

Wedding planning has really taken off! I suppose it should have like four months ago considering my wedding is in 3 months! I am so excited! My mom has really gotten into it which makes me so happy:)

Laney with her dress on her head bahahaha I love it its so damn cute! she was trying to get to either the outlet or the light switch silly babe!

This is my FAVORITE! daddy tickling her hehehehe she looks so happy!

"ooooo gooody!"

This was taken on Sunday, we went to church with my mom, and it fell right at her nap time and she slept the whole time on my mom it was so so so sweet! she also got blessed by the priest:) it was really nice i enjoyed going with my family

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Anonymous said...

eeeeeeeeahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! u wrote a blogg im soo happyyyyy!!!!!