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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

32 weeks

I say it every week. I cant believe I am THIRTY TWO weeks today. Only two months left.

that crayon on the table looks like cigarette butt ha! I couldn't figure out what it was 

In case you were curious about my natural hair color check out those roots! Those suckers are like five inches!! I love getting my hair done but I hate spending the money. The last time I got it done was in August when I had just found out I was pregnant ha! oops. I am finally getting it done on Saturday!!

My appetite has increased! I have been consuming pretty big meals. I made pasta salad yesterday and it was gone by lunch today. It is one of my favorite dishes. But I felt pretty gross knowing that I consumed a whole package of noodles to myself. I have been doing really well with eating balanced meals ya know except for the noodles.

Holy pregnant nose!! I woke up from my nap with this seriously swollen face! I didn't know you could have pregnant lips. The swelling goes down after I get up.

We are going to start the kitchen renovation any day now! We have all the plans set we just have to go purchase it all! I am sooooo excited to get this started and finished! It is going to be a pain in the butt while we are working on it but so worth it in the end to have a dishwasher and new cabinets! I will post pictures of the kitchen soon. The cabinets are from when the house was built and they smell old! I am really weird about smells. 

Well this got random. Just my style!
Have a wonderful Wednesday night!

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