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Monday, May 13, 2013

Baby Girls MC

Hello again!
 I am pleasantly surprised at how well I am doing on a broken up sleep pattern:) Lets just say the first 3 months of Laneys life I slept....all day everyday. I was miserable. I had to have some sort of iron deficiancy or something becuase I could NOT stay awake and my skin was kind of grayish and pale it was gross. BUT I am feeling much better this time around. Still sleepy but I can function pretty well:)
So the first week of Sawyers life was crazy. I made an appt for Laney to see the derm the day after my due date. I am brilliant I know. So Sawyer is a week old, everyone is adjusting, and on this particular day Laney was extra clingy to mama and did not want to go to the dr. Turns out she did have Mollescum contagism. Basically little warts that covered her torso, arms and hips. To try to keep her relaxed I told her "we are just going to talk we dont have to do anything we are not comfortable with" well that ended up being a lie. Her derm gave us 2 options 1. a very expensive cream that they were sure her insurance didnt cover or 2. this liquid that they put on in the office and the warts will scab up and fall off and will be gone in a week. oh and its "painless"

So we opted for number two. I had to hold her down while they put this stuff on each individual bump. She had over a hundred. It was awful. I held it together and somehow didnt lose my shit and start crying with her. Which Caleb and I still arnt sure how I did that. They told me wash it off in two to three hours. Ok easy enough.

So we went home and took a nap. I set my phone alarm for exactly three hours after they put it on and I was going to wake her up and bathe her. No joke 2 mins before my alarm went off I hear her wake up and start screaming!!! I ran in there and she is holding up her arms screaming. I ripped off our clothes and jumped in the bath and tried to rinse her off as best as I could while she was clinging to me. After about ten mins in the bath of me just pouring water on her body, she stopped screaming and we got out. Thank the lord Sawyer slept through this whole thing. My mom came over and we read the paper and it said to use soap to make sure you get all of the stuff off. So back in the shower we went and I had to wash the warts that were burning her. I didnt let her know but I was sobbing the whole time. It was so hard to cause her pain.

She stayed stuck to me for about an hour then we decided we should get some clothes on. I took her into her room sat her down and stool and took her towel off to find over a hundred blisters covering her body. It. Was. Awful. I cried again. Give me a break I had just had a baby :P

I had to lift her up by her hands to get her on the potty and on the bed. She shook every time she tried to move. I got her propped up in my bed with pillows for her arms so they wouldn't touch her sides. All I kept thinking was in a week this will be better and she will be happy. So needless to say we didnt get much sleep that night.
All propped up in bed. She refuses to wear that yellow shirt anymore! haha bad memories I guess

The next day she was feeling so much better! The whole day the blisters were popping under her clothes which was good becuase blisters are painful but once they are popped they dont hurt! So we took her to the park and played.  Everyday after that got better and better. But boy that first day was very sad. Now they are all healed and she no longer has any one her torso but still has a few on her legs!! grrrr I think they may be going away on their own though...hopefully!
The next morning!! SO much better! That is her homemade cranberry juice popsicle:)

I do not recommend this treatment to children. I think It would work fine on an adult or older child who understands what is going to happen and who only have like 10 or less not 100+!!

That whole night I just kept thinking about all the mommas who have sick babies or babies in pain and I just cant imagaine the pain those mommas feel. You are all strong women. It is so incredibly hard to see your children like that.

Have a healthy Monday!


Stephanie Herrmann said...

Poor laney!! This made me sad! I know exactly how you feel I wanna cry with my sister when they draw her blood! So hard to see your baby hurting! S: glad she's better!

Katherine Christensen said...

It is so hard:( I can't stand it! Your sister is so lucky to have you:)