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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Birth story

My son Sawyer was born on Wednesday March 27 , 2013:) I want to get down his birth story while it is still fresh in my mind!!!! It is going to be long and detailed so read at your own risk:)

Tuesday March 26th
-I woke up around eight like I was everyday of my last trimester, I really felt like I needed to get a lot of stuff done before the baby came. Not big stuff just wanted to have the dishes done and the laundry and my bag all put together. I only have a few pairs of sweats that I can wear so I was washing them every time I wore them to make sure I had something to wear home from the hospital. I know I am an over thinker. Laney woke up and I made breakfast for us. Then I put makeup on and put more "attractive" pjs on so I didn't look too ragedy for my hubs.
 I started on the dishes since we had an overload of cups that needed to be washed. While I was doing them I had a few contractions and these really felt like they were pushing down low. So I kept an eye on the clock and they were coming every ten mins....hmmm I was excited but didn't want to say anything to Caleb without really knowing for sure! I was getting to the last of the dishes and I started to get nauseous. So I sat down and said "ok babe I think I might be in labor" He was silent and then went to the bathroom. Haha so I told Laney that I needed to walk around the house:) we started walking around the living room in circles together and then we put on some music and did a little dancing:) I was so worried that the contractions were going to stop! I was scared shitless at the thought of being in labor but I thought, this is my chance. I have to get this labor going!
Then Caleb pops out of the bathroom with his phone in his hand " ok do you feel this? How far apart are they?" It was awesome he was one step ahead of me the whole time. He knew what to look for when to call, what was normal and what wasn't. He got me an app on my phone that tracks your contractions and tells you how long they are. It was really helpful!

I walked around the house for a while and picked up all while my contractions were 8-10 mins apart. We put Laney down for a nap and I laid down but was too worked up to sleep. After nap my mom came over and we went to Sahms for dinner. I had not eaten much all day, I was trying to keep it light and Laney thought all my food looked good too so she helped me eat it. My contractions were getting stronger but I could talk through them and waddle through them. By 7:30 that night they were 5 minuets apart so I called the Dr. I tested positive for group B strep so I wanted to make sure that I got in in time to get two doses of antibiotics.

We arrived at the hospital about 8pm they took me back to triage, checked me and I was only dilated to a two......they said I could stay and walk around for an hour and see if anything changes or a could go home. I opted for going home. I didn't think much would change in an hour and I was STARVING and tired. By this time Caleb had someone cover the last hour of his shift and had joined us at the hospital. Laney, Caleb and I got jimmy johns and went home. I slept fine that night, only waking up a few times and feeling the contractions.

At six am on March 27th I woke up to a much stronger contraction, I could still walk and talk through it. They were consistently 5mins apart. I laid in bed for a while. Had a bowl of cereal, then around 8 I woke up Caleb and Laney. They were starting to get a lot stronger but not closer together than 5 mins. I called the doctor and they told me to come in. I stopped being able to walk and talk through them by the time we got to the hospital. We went up to triage and they checked me and I was only a three. My doctor came in and talked to me about being induced within the next couple of days because this STILL could not be active labor.....I very kindly said no thank you, I don't know how this couldn't be real labor because it hurts like a BITCH!! Haha so they let me hang out in triage for a few hours to "see" if I was in active labor.
8 a.m. after I woke up the sweeties. We took our time and watched a show together.

I chatted with my family and covered my face and squeezed my pillow through contractions. Then they got to be about two mins a part and VERY strong. I joked that I was ready for my epidural and I wasn't even admitted yet. Keep in mind I'm in this itty bitty room with an uncomfortable bed with Caleb, Laney, my mom and Jenny. Everyone was awesome and so sweet. Laney snuggled me and behaved very well. So Jenny tells the nurse I am ready for my epidural and she checks me. Now im dialated to a five or six I think I don't remember. They FINALLY admit me.....I am transferred into this huge gorgeous room with a tub, more seating and great light.

Then they start really coming. Every minute. One min contraction, one min of bliss. Well nauseous bliss.
This was taken a little bit after we arrived for the second time. They were like three mins apart here.

I had to wait until I got half a bag of  IV fluid before I could get my epidural. Then the anesthesiologist came in!!! I just kept telling myself only a few more contractions then the drugs will kick in. They made everyone leave so I didn't have Caleb's hand to squeeze (which seriously makes them better) The anesthesiologist did a wonderful job but she made me really nervous when she was feeling my spine and hips  and asked if I had NO! You are about to stick a needle in my SPINE and you think I have scoliosis when my spine is perfectly straight?!?!?! it made me a wee bit nervous.

The epidural was soooooooo good. Holy crap I don't ever want to go drug free. I endured a lot of those contractions and I was done!
finally feeling amazing! Caleb walked in and said "oh! you're smiling!" haha

Eventually they broke my water to speed things up. My sweet husband was by my side through everything. Except when his baby girl needed him:) I had Caleb, my mom, Jenny, Monika, Kaylyn, and Ali in the delivery room with me. I have no longer have any dignity....... Brother came out at 3:32 p.m. weighing 7lbs 5oz and 20 inches long:)

It was a very cool birth. They laid him on my chest for a really long time:) he stopped crying when I talked to him so I blabbed on and on like a lovestruck idiot:)  It was so freaking sweet. I think just about everyone was crying happy tears:)

Random fact: Laney was born at 3:33 pm and Sawyer was born at 3:32 pm both on Wednesdays:)

Jenny took pictures throughout my whole labor. They are sooooooo cool. I don't have them yet. I will post some of them soon. None of my girly parts are visible in any of them which is awesome:) I would like to post most of them but I am really open like that:) I don't know....I suppose if you don't want to see them you don't have to read that post :p

I hope you enjoyed my story! I am so glad I wrote this all down when I did because I would not be able to recall all of that detail now!

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