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Sunday, July 9, 2017

6 years with my love!

Caleb and I have been married for 6 years today, and together 8! Our relationship has grown so much since those first days and years! We continue to grow and learn from each other every day:) I thought it would be fun to go on a walk down memory lane:)
2009 When we first met and I was over-tanned and we were both over bleached! Just kidding I loved my hair!

These two baby nuggets got pregnant in that same year! 
We were blessed with our baby girl in 2010!

July 9, 2011 we got married! 

This is a HORRIBLE picture but the only one I could find from 2012!! Where are my eyelashes and why is your eye sliding off of your face...

 In 2013 we welcomed our Soy Soy!!! Sweet, sweet nugget!
 Sawyers first birthday. March 27, 2014. Little did I know I was pregnant with Atticus here:)
 Atticus was born at the end of 2014 and this is Fall of 2015!
2016-Daddy looking fine as hell! We went on our honeymoon for our 5th wedding anniversary! I think we will go on another long one for our 10th:) At this point in our lives I cannot be away from the kids that long! It damn near killed me! 

2017 at my sweet Audrey's wedding! Me eating Caleb's face...wearing my favorite dress in the whole wide world! Its from Express and apparently they cant keep it in stock so go, run, NOW and buy it. 

Every year gets better and better, and you get more handsome every day! Age looks good on you babe;)

Happy Anniversary to you, my stinky man-man! I love you! 

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Caleb said...

I love you too Kate!
This was amazing!