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Monday, July 3, 2017


HOLY BAJOLI! The past five days have been the busiest I think I have ever had....It all started Wednesday night.
My amazing sister, Jenny, took all 3 of my babies for a sleepover! Correct me if I'm wrong, but since Atticus was born we haven't had anyone take all three of them while we were home. My mom and MIL have watched them while we traveled or went away to a concert, which was absolutely amazing of them, but we have never stayed home and had them all three gone! The original plan was to organize the house while they were with my sister. Then I got this insane brilliant idea that we should paint the kids rooms and move them all around, and clean, and organize all in less than 24 hours!!! 

While the kids were gone we:
  • Painted the boys new room (which saying "paint" is an understatement to what Maddy and I to come shortly!)
  • Painted Laneys room
  • laid carpet in the basement
  • Moved our whole room downstairs
  • Moved Sawyers room to our old room
  • organized the toys
  • Organized and cleaned the house (as much as I could)
It. Was. Exhausting. 

My babes came home Thursday night and my cousin Ciara's sweet kiddos came to spend the night Thursday night too! (per my request!) Thankfully Ciara took her babes to the zoo on Thursday so they were just as tired as the Christensens! All 8 of us were asleep by 9:00!

We woke up on Friday morning and had to get ready for Laney's party! I took the girls to Costco and Joanns and we got home to start prepping! 

Our girl date! When we have the Hathaway's we are the Brady Bunch! 3 girls and 3 boys! 
Laney had a great 7th birthday party! She wanted to keep it small and invited her cousins and neighbors:)

I am such a shit show that she had a 5 and a 2 on her cake....5+2=7. That works right??
We made real leis and had cutie grass skirts! I envisioned doing so much more at her party like making coconut scented candles and stuff like that, but once it rolled around I was barely hanging on! 
When Saturday rolled around we somehow squeezed in time to go the farmers market, swimming and then came home to throw a "surprise" party for Alec and do fireworks with the kids!

 Thankfully my sweet neighbors gave me the most amazing Turkish espresso and I was good to go! Seriously, its magical.

I am finally feeling a sense of calm after all of that crazy! Now I have got to put MY room together and finish painting it! We will get there! 

I will post a video soon of the boys room!!!!

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