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Saturday, April 16, 2011

hello again

My daughter is HILARIOUS! This morning she started fake laughing! oh my god I was cracking up! I am not sure how to explain it, it was sort of like 'heh' 'heh' and she was smiling and throwing her head back hahahahaha im not sure if that is an imitation of me or what but it was too damn funny! She also started kissing this week, and a few times this morning she just came up to me and kissed me! Then she does this cute little bashful smile after BAH she melts my heart!

When it is just Lane and I hanging out I put a show on tv from Netflix usually a childrens show but she couldn't care less about whats on she doesn't even glance at it, its more for me to not go insane with the silence. BUT our internet is not working on the PS3 so no Netflix, weeeeeelll I put on the first Harry Potter movie and Lane watched some of it! Not for very long but she occasionally watched it! Oh I am so proud!

She has also outsmarted me. ok not me but my "baby-proofing". I put up a black piece of fabric around the tv stand and  it worked really well.........for a month. Now my curious little George has found out she can just go over to the side and their is an opening!

Yup she outsmarted me. She is the most curious baby I know! I think she has her daddys perfect eyesight becuase she can find everything! The other day she saw a dog across the street and started saying "doh" "doh!" I couldn't believe it! It was really far away and it was a big black dog and she has never seen a big black dog but she sure new what it was!

Well im off to relax during nap time:)

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