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Monday, April 25, 2011

letter to my sweet baby

pretty sure that weird mouth im making is saying "HELLO" more on the O side

Dear Miss Lane Train,
You are almost TEN months old! Every day you seem more and more grown up. I love the way you talk and the words you say, ah da! ah da! (all done) doh! doh! (dog) and sometimes I swear you are speaking Japanese:)

You keep mommy and daddy on our toes, you are interested in shutting doors right now which is freaking adorable! Except when you shut it and sit right behind it so I cant open it then its scary!

You are the most beautiful  baby girl I have ever laid my eyes on. I love you so much it hurts. I try so hard to absorb every little detail of every day with you because I don't want to forget anything, I don't want to forget how funny it is when dive into my chest letting me know you want to nurse, or the funny way you shift your hips from side to side to crawl, or the sweet way you sleep with your arms straight down at your sides with your palms face up.

Some days I'm tired and some days I may seem distracted, but always know I love you baby

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