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Thursday, April 28, 2011


Friday is national SIDS awarness day......

I found this list of ways to reduce the risk of SIDS and thought I would share it. I was fortunate enough to go to many classes while I was pregnant and have a family who is very informed about reducing the risk but I know not everyone does so here is the list:

1. Back to sleep- NEVER place a baby in a crib on their stomach!

2.Use a firm sleep surface

3. Keep soft objects and loose bedding out of the crib (blankets, stuffed animals ect..)

4. DO NOT USE BUMPERS (if you choose to do so..use breathable ones only!)

Do not smoke during pregnancy - Do not let your infant be around smoke at all!

A separate but proximate sleeping environment is recommended

Consider offering a pacifier at nap time and bedtime

Avoid overheating- Install a ceiling fan in the babies room. Put it on low.

Encourage “tummy time” when the infant is awake and observed.

SIDS is the #1 cause of death in infants from one month to one year


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ninnifur said...

sids is terrible :( what sucks even more is parents who do all of these things and their babies still get taken from them :( or that one little girl at the kid nursing home who died or sids and they brought her back to life yet she is gtube fed in a wheel chair with the mental capacity of a newborn. :( devastating