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Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Hello! Its Jenny, Katys older sister, and I've hijacked her blog. :)

Katy and I often joke that I am her "brain."  I have an insane ability to remember EVERYTHING.  I don't do it on purpose.  I just remember everything!!

I am going to elaborate on the things that Miss. Laney is doing at 15 months.  Things only I would remember!!

  • you will repeat every single word we say. So no more cuss words around you! 
  • You love watching Aunt Maddy sing, and will walk over to the computer and ask to watch her on youtube!
  • You also love to watch this video of you saying banana
  • You love holding hands.  You will say "han?" and reach up to hold our hands.  If you are holding my hand and mommy walks up next to us (or vice versa) you will reach up and ask to hold mommys hand then pull your legs up a big and say "twoooo, treeeee!!!" which means you want us to lift you up by your hands.
  • When we drive you like to make sure we are still in the car.  You are still rear facing in your car seat and therefore you can't see us, so you will say "Juju?" and wait for me to say "yes baby, I'm here" then you will say "mommy?" and you wait for her response!
  • Sometimes you call me "mommyjuju" not going to lie, I love that you love me enough that you get me confused with your beautiful mommy sometimes :)
  • Today you asked for me to breastfeed you when your mommy was gone.  I know you were just hungry and tired, but it was hilarious!!
  • I bought you these $3.00 purple flip flops from target this summer and you are OBSESSED with them! You love shoes of all kinds but these shoes are your absolute favorites.  You once wore them for over 24 hours, you slept through the night in them, and took a few showers in them! Gosh I love your little personality. 
  • You have 8 teeth.  They are very random, 4 front top ones, two front bottom ones, one upper left molar and one bottom right molar.  You are still teething like CRAZY and I know we will all be happy when those suckers are in!  
  • You are so good at using a fork and spoon. You can eat anything, tonight you ate rice off of a spoon! 
  • You can name a lot of different parts of your body, ear, hair, hands, nose, eyes, toes, booty, tongue
  • There is so much I could write! But i feel like this is long enough :) Maybe I should make hijacking a weekly thing that way I can just write the adorable things Laney does that I remember!!!
Love Juju 

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