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Monday, October 3, 2011

15 months!

My Laney-poo is 15 months!! This whole her getting older thing is getting easier now that she is over 1, I had no idea what it would be like but I felt like OH MY GOD SHE KEEPS GETTING CLOSER TO ONE AND THEN SHE WONT BE A BABY ANYMORE MY LIFE WILL BE OVER. but that didn't happen thank goodness......its actually more fun now because we communicate and play. Don't get me wrong i love the snuggly smooshy baby, but I really enjoy my toddler!

Miss Laney-
  • you wear size 4 diaper
  • 12 month clothes (but you can still fit into nine month onsies :p)
  • I am not sure of your height and weight since we have not been to the dr. but you are definitely taller! you can reach on top of the tables now SCARY! and you are probably 22 lbs
  • you say almost everything the only thing you refuse to say is I love you......i know you are saving it for the perfect moment when I am all sad and down and you just spring it on me right?? i thought so
  • one of my favorite things you say is "whats up" hehehe 
  • your favorite animal noise is "neigh" and your favorite body part is your ear oh and my nose ring hehe
  • when you say yogurt it sounds like a very very bad word that starts with n.........lets work on that one and not when we are grocery shopping please!
  • i know I am missing things that I want to remember because that happens when im actually here to write them out! you are the most perfect baby and you are so beautiful! 
I love you darling
Love Mommy


ninnifur said...

SO sweet kate :) She really is the best baby. (Laney, if you are reading this years in the future, please don't tell your cousins, my future kids, that I said that!)

You can't forget that she loves her hands! I measured her at dads on Saturday and apparently forgot to tell you! she is 29 and 7/8ths inches tall! She is one eighth of an inch away from 30 inches!!! lol.

Katy said...

oh ya i saw you measuring her but I was doing something who knows! and i wont tell your babies either how AWESOME she is :P