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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Heellooooo 2012!!

I am very excited for the new year:) Not for any specific reasons I just like change:)

This is a post of randoms:) As usual...
Heidi's full name is Miss. Heidi Mae Christensen and you have to say it with a southern accent:)

My cousin Natalie visited from Baltimore over New Years. It was so wonderful to have her here! The first time I had seen her in years was a few days after Laney was born so I was exhausted and overwhelmed with being a new mommy then the next time she came was for my wedding. I barely got to see her then so it was really nice being able to spend time with her.

Caleb took Natalie and I out to Bravo then we went to my moms house to watch the ball drop:) It was a lovely relaxing evening.

I have been playing around with my Silhouette and its freaking amazing!!! I have so many ideas!! My next project is to figure out how to use my serger!

Caleb and I are starting a new healthy eating plan, its pretty much high protein low carb. We want to feel more energized and Caleb wants to shed a few pounds. I also need to find a way to sneak vegetables into Calebs food :p

I made her that scarf:) She loves it.

Have a positive  Wednesday!

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