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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Night with my Girls!

Those girls would be my Laney and my Heidi! We had such a fun night:) Daddy went to work at five then it was just me and my girls. Laney and I showered, lotioned and painted our nails sparkly!!! Then we read books and ate bagels :p I made Laney dinner with brown rice, peaches and chicken then I said to her hmmm I might have a bagel and she pushed her plate away and said, "BAGEL BAGEL!!" hahaha  nice going mom!!!! We tossed the ball with Heidi and read lots and lots of books! She usually doesn't have a lot of patience for books but when she is sleepy she can sit and do one thing longer. We have this book from 1990 and some of the pictures crack me up!
why is this baby only wearing a bandana????

vest...really? how about vacuum or vase or even vegetables I think my child at least could recognize  a vacuum better than a suede furry vest!

We have another book from the same author and we really like its a counting book and all of the pictures are of things that Laney already knew so its fun to read and count them. But the ABC book is a little ridiculous, for the letter B they have a baby in a bathing is that the best they could come up with for the freaking letter B!
ok I am done complaining  about that book:)

Have a sweet Saturday night

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