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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Not Me Tuesday

I don't know if any of you read MckMama but you should she is an incredible writer, photograper and mother to five children. I love what she is doing with her life! I want to incorporate a few of the things she does into my life. Like having chickens:) And trying to use less waste. Well back to my point, MckMama does a "Not Me Monday" post so I am doing a Not Me Tuesday:)

It was not me who gave Laney a play fork to use this morning for breakfast because we didn't have any clean baby forks......or clean adult forks.

It was not me who gave Laney a hotbox cup with a straw two days in a row because we didn't have any clean sippy cups. Nope no way would I do that.

Do you see a trend here? dont worry I have already done two loads in the dishwasher today :p

It was not me who let Laney and Kinsley play in the water from my humidifier so I could make my bed and pick the clothes off  the floor. (don't worry Jennifer it was clean water:))

Have a Not Me Tuesday Night:)


JenniferD said...

and... it was DEFINITELY NOT you who sent Kinsley home in 12 month clothes Tuesday! ;-) just playin with you! she looked cute! :-)

Captain said...

Laney looks so big here!! Love the tutu