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Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Right now we are homeless.....kind of. We are living at my moms house while we are waiting to close on our house which is on the 28th!!!!! aahhh I cant believe it! We have really been enjoying living here with my mom and Maddy. Yesterday was my moms birthday so we grilled out and then after dinner we went for a run:) It was the first time I have run in a very very long time and it felt great! I thought it was going to be miserable but it felt so good! I pushed Laney in the jogging stroller and put Heidi underneath in the basket where you put your purse:) We are going out again tonight!

I am enjoying this weather so much, Laney and I are outside ALL time! She doesn't ever want to come inside:) It is so much easier to be outside here at my moms than at my apartment. She has a big back yard for Laney and Heidi to play in. This morning we read books on the driveway and played with Laneys baby Stella. It has been an incredibly relaxing morning.

I will post pictures later:)

Have a sunny Wednesday

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