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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wednesday randoms!!

I am 31 weeks today. This picture was taken last week, or maybe the week before, at the art museum. They had a large screen with this man doing something weird with rainbows being projected onto it. We got in trouble for taking pictures hehehe it was worth it. 

Caleb doesn't like this picture but I don't care, I love it! She asked if I would take a picture of them two of them! 
 She gets in her car rojo. "Maddy, I'm going to the store I am gonna buy you beer"
She saw me changing my shirt and looked down her own shirt. "oh, I have moles" hahahahaha

I am the "big bag wolf" "Big bag wolf? Can I turd?" hahaha I do not call it turding by the way. She came up with that one on her own

"Mommy can we be Yo-Ho, arrrg mateys?" "Pirates?" "YA PIRATES"!

  • Everyday we are either the big bag wolf and little red riding hood or she is Jake, I am Pixie, and when dad is home he is Captain Hook. Jake is from Jake and the neverland pirates, we couldn't remember the girls name so Laney said its pixie since she carries around pixie dust.

  • In my last post I very nonchalantly mentioned that I have gained 25 lbs like it was no big deal. I wanted to clarify that this is my second pregnancy. With my first it was not easy for me. It was very hard to see my body grow and grow and not know how big I was going to get. Now I don't know how much I will gain with this stinker, but I have gone through this before so its not so shocking. I just wanted to clarify since a lot of my friends are going through their first pregnancy and I didn't want everyone to think I just LOVE this weight gain and its no big deal. Because it can be hard, and that's OK
  • My cousins cousin (sounds weird) just started up her own business making gorgeous paintings and signs! Please go check it out! Its called Love Chalyn and THIS is a link to her Facebook page! She is a local business and has beautiful handmade pieces. Go check her out! We must support each other!
  • Update on Laneys MC: I thought the oil was working....and then today it looked bad again. A few people contacted me on my last post and thank you so much I will  be looking into some other treatments for it!
  • Laney is getting a flu shot tomorrow.....UGHHH I am freaking out. Mine hurt like an EMEER EFFER for so long and I am quite tolerant of shots and being stuck......also I hate to see her cry. She is going to be so upset that the dr is getting close to her let alone sticking her with a needle. Anyone want to talk me out of it? Feel free.

    Welp I am off to make some popcorn!

    Have a glorious night!

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