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Friday, March 15, 2013

37 weeks:)

I am FULL TERM!!! Caaaaahhhhhrazzzzy! I have three friends who are due within a week of me so it is just a waiting game for us now! I have accepted the fact that they will probably go into labor before me. When I was pregnant with Laney I remember girls who were due WEEKS after me who had their babies before me. It was very discouraging so this time I am accepting the fact that all of our babies will be here eventually and it doesn't matter when;)

I really really want to go into labor on my own. My mom wants me to have the ha! My guess was March 28th. Just wishful thinking on my part;) Caleb still hasn't made his prediction yet.

This past week I have had a really sharp pain down looooow. I think he is pushing down on my cervix. It only happens when he is moving and it hurts like a B! It makes me yelp and bend over. Not nice little boy.

So far I have gained 32 lbs. I am measuring 36 weeks.

I am starting to really swell:/ If I stand too long my feet get all pudgy and my hands have been too big for my wedding ring for a about a month now but they are really feeling tight lately. I have been craving salty foods sooo that could be a factor;)

We are making some progress on our kitchen:) I would really like the baby to wait until we get all the cabinets up to make his appearance because I know that I will be much more relaxed if their isn't a huge project waiting to be finished!

Have a lovely Saturday night!

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