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Wednesday, March 6, 2013


 I am 36 weeks today. I have been meaning to write about my appointment on Friday but for the first few days I was too nervous to even write it out and then I just being lazy. On Friday I went to my 35 week checkup and when she measured me I measured 31 weeks. The Friday before that at my 34 week appointment I measured 33 weeks, which is normal for me. She didn't seem too concerned and since I hadn't had an ultrasound since 20 weeks she thought I should get one to make sure that my amniotic fluid wasn't low. She said he felt like he was normal size and not abnormally small.

I knew I was growing. So I really couldn't figure out why he would measure so much smaller than he had before.
32 weeks-------------------------------35weeks
 You can tell in the picture above that I have grown since 32 weeks. That put my mind at ease for a little but my ultrasound wasnt scheduled until today! Way too much time for a pregnant woman to think!! So we had the US today and I only saw the tech but she did tell me that the fluid was measureing fine and that he weighed 6lbs 4oz. So he is not small, even though I dont really trust the US for an accurate weight measurement. It was pretty uneventful. They can't tell you anything since they are not doctors but she said that their was no reason she need to keep me, as in their was no concern......I guess. My appt is on Friday so I will find out more then. I feel much better knowing that he has enough fluid in there but I would really like to know that everything else checked out ok too! Leaving a pregnant woman hanging is dangerous.
Today:) I look sleepy and puffy but Caleb said people would like to see my face so there it  is world!
 I have been having contratctions like crazy the past two days. I was really worried I was going into labor last night beucase they were painful and I could feel them in my back! My sister is so funny she keeps reassuring me that everything will be fine becuase I have boobs and diapers. He will be fine. It will be fine.
I have been really patient with the weather but my coat no longer please warm up a little so I don't have to look like a stuffed sausage all the time. 
My little sweetie:) She has had quite the attitude lately I am chalking it up to this cold she cant kick. She has been such a lover to make up for it though! Kisses all the time and some serious snuggles at bed time. 

We had a cute little treasure hunt tonight:) I drew pictures of where the next clue was and hid it in an easter egg which was waiting at the next destination. I am NO artist that is our couch and her blue table:) It was really fun and quick to make.

Well I will update on Friday once I find out whats going on with Baby Brother.

Have a sweet Wednesday night.

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