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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Thirty eight weeks

We are still preggo and going strong:)

I am still feeling pretty good. I can't sit on the floor anymore or I get a weird pain in my back. Laney has adapted our playing onto the couch and I have accepted that I can't be a part of all the activities that Caleb and Laney do:( I still try....I'm just not as quick as them.

Laney told me today we need to go to the doctor to get this baby out:) and that she is ready for him to be here:) When I told her my big belly was going to get smaller she was pretty disappointed. Haha she does love to lay on him:)

I am not feeling anxious about baby brother arriving soon, I mean he has to be here at least in the next three weeks but I am feeling anxious about going into labor. I REALLY don't want to be induced. I know I have said that before but I really don't want to.

When I had Laney we spent the night at the hospital and that night they gave me cervidil which kicked me into labor bright and early at seven a.m. They gave me some other stuff too I do not remember if it was just the nu babe or something else but it made me really sick. THEN when they wanted to start pitocin I was far enough along in my labor that I could have an epidural. So I never felt the full effects of the pitocin. My epidural didn't take all the pain away but it helped a lot!

I haven't discussed it with my doctor yet because she seems pretty confident that I will go on my own....which I'm not sure why since their isn't really a way to tell. But I will wait at least until 41 weeks before being induced. I want the whole experience too. Getting to labor at home for a while and just be with my husband. (hopefully he won't be at work, more wishful thinking on my part)

My prediction(I think, I can't remember but it is written down somewhere)
March 28
7 lbs 8oz
20 inches
Dark hair

Caleb's prediction:
April 7
20 inches
Blonde hair

I still have not packed my bag but do have a little pile started in Baby brothers room of what I am bringing for him:)

I want to pack a bag for Laney because this is all so damn unpredictable, but so is the weather!!!! I have no idea if it will be warm or cold! I suppose just pack her cold weather clothes for now....I am just rambling and typing out everything I am stressing about now:)

Have a super first day of spring!

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