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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Laney-3 Years

My baby girl is 3 years old. She had her three year check up today. I was so nervous about our appt. Of course she proved me wrong and was amazing! She chatted with the doctor the whole time. Telling her all kinds of things:)

  • She weighs 31 lbs
  • 36 inches tall
  • she wears 3T clothes
She had to get a shot today which wasnt terrible. I thought seeing the bandage would freak her out so I covered it with her pants and she told me she like looking at it!! She showed all her friends too :)
She never stops talking and it is hilarious! I love the stuff she says:) She is SUCH a drama queen. If Caleb says she cant eat candy she will come up to me and say "Daddy said I cant have candy ever again." haha she says that about everything.
Her papa is her favorite person.

They are too much. She is way cooler than me with her Sperrys

I just love this picture of her sleeping:) She is so beautiful

Some of her favorites:)

Some Laneyisms

"On my mark, get set, go!"

"You gotta watch your attitude! Im a bossy pants!" ha! she told me this yesterday

"What does opposite mean Laney?" "It means a robot who tickles you." WHAT!?!?!?!


^Laney added this:) She told a whole story while typing about ponies turning to stone and then she asked me if she could fight the fight.

I will add more Laneyisms later when I remember them!

Have a wonderful Tuesday:)

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