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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Sawyer-4 months

It has been two months since I does not feel like its been that long! So much has happened! Laney and I both had birthdays, we have been to MI twice and Maddy started her first day of high school today! But today's post is about my smallest baby, Sawyer:)

Baby boy had his four month appt today and he was wonderful! He had a little nap on the way there so he was all smiles:)

  • He weighs 16 lbs 7oz (60something percentile)
  • 25 inches tall (40something percentile)
  • head is 16 inches? I don't remember 
  • He is right on track for everything:) His dr is so sweet she gave him an A+ ;)
  • He got 3 shots today:( He did so well getting them but he has just been worn out all afternoon :( I am getting really nervous about how tonight will go.....I tried getting him up around 7 and he was miserable:( 
  • He is such a smiley boy I LOVE it!!
  • His medication is helping so much! 
  • He is out of his colicky stage. Thank goodness. It was very hard at times but we it makes the smiles that much better!
  • He loves his fingers holding them and sucking them. He always has his hands in his mouth! 
  • He has started grabbing for his toys and holding them
  • His head control gets better everyday
  • He likes tummy time, but only for short periods of time. 
  • He is such a chunky butt!
  • Laney loves him like CRAZY!!!! She kisses him, and talks to him, and he loves to watch her. 
  • He loves to "talk"
  • He lost some of his hair on top and its coming in WHITE!
  • We all love him to pieces:) 

Reading  books to her baby. Poor guys is always surrounded by pink....

mama and baby:) I chopped my hair too:) 

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ninnifur said...

Love that little dude :) now you need to update this post because he giggles now!!!! Ah I'm obsessed with the giggle!!!!