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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

One year and 8 months later....

Oh it feels so good to write!!!! I have not posted since August 2013..... I feel so much guilt about that and get overwhelmed thinking about catching up so then I don't post.....which helps NOTHING! I'm over it. I NEED to write! I think about it ALL the time and I love looking back at all of my posts:) Well, tomorrow I am starting something new. It's new to me not new to the world. I am starting my day off by physically writing down three things I am thankful for. I love to be happy and peppy and hyper and loud, but it does not come easily. I suffer from depression which in turn makes me really hard on myself. I'm over that shit. I need to change this attitude and I am the only one who can do it!!! Mmmm I'm snuggling my ba-boo (Sawyers name for Atticus) seriously life is so good if you let it!! Phew. I need a new blog name😳😳 I've had a few more babies since I started this here blog. I have so many exciting things in my life right now that I want to write about!! Atticus's birth story (which I have not written because I didn't want to scare anyone😂😂) Laney is in school, Sawyer is 2, I have an amazing job! So much shittle I want to remember:) ok I got my jumping off point-tomorrow I will write something with substance❤️❤️
Have a glorious night!!

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Captain said...

What are you going to rename the blog to!