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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

New name

I need to come up with a new blog name!!! I need some input:) I was trying to think of weird things that I say {which is a lot} and the first thing was Fiesty Pants Christensen :) I kind of love it. When my kids are being all wild I usually call them that:) seemed fitting. I am the nicknamiest person I know, but draw a blank trying to think of a new name!

Laney got tubes last Thursday! She was a CHAMP! So good before and after! I did get a lump in my throat when they were wheeling her away on the hospital bed:( but the procedure was less than 10 mins! Thank goodness. She was awake when I went back to see her:) I'll add a few pics on the bottom:) I'm on my phone right now so I can't choose their location:/

Sawyer is starting to speak more! He repeats us but not very clearly. I am going to get him evaluated for speech therapy soon:) He would love it! He just loves people and playing!
One of his favorite people is Laney:) still not crazy about his baboo.<-----his name for Atty. Atticus is also a huge Laney fan:)

In Atticus news, he has two teeth! Insane! He is 5 months old! Crazy,crazy.
•he sits up assisted with the boppy
•he gets into the crawling position every time I lay him down:( I'm so not ready for that. Neither is my house!
•he still sleeps next to my bed in his pack n play.
•and wakes OFTEN to eat
He is definitely my biggest baby yet:) We will probably start foods soon:)

News from me? Not much. My mind is spinning with crafty ideas and home improvement! I have got to do a project soon! Or write this stuff down! Posting on here helps my brain relax a lot. Getting down the memories so my lousy memory doesn't have to hold them anymore.

Welp, the pictures are not working­čś¬ I will add them to my next post!

Goodnight! Xoxo


Captain said...

What about life as a Christensen or life with three rascal and that Star Wars nerd or da greens lyfe

LindzKay said...

how about "CCC" - Crazy Christensen Clan or the Christensen Crazy Clan :)