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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Here we go again!

I'm here. I plan on staying this time. Its funny how I have waves of vlogging and blogging. I obviously suffer from seasonal depression, because it tends to stop in the colder months. I really really love making blogs and vlogs. It boosts my confidence, and I love to talk so being able to write out all of the stuff I want to tell the world is much more constructive than blabbing everyone's ear off:)

 Its been 8 months since my last VLOG and 2 YEARS since my last blog post....Lots of lost time to make up for!

In my last post Laney was FIVE!! She is about to turn SEVEN!!!!!!!! And start second grade:( She is an absolutely brilliant and beautiful young lady! It is so amazing to watch these tiny humans and what there natural abilities are. Laney has my super sense of smell (its a blessing and a curse) she can smell rain before it starts!! Its the craziest thing. 

Conversation on Fathers day with Caleb
Laney: I think its going to rain.
Caleb: checks his weather app Nope my phone says its not.
Laney: Well that's not what the earth says!

Bahahaha I just love her fiesty little spirit!! Oh, and it rained like an hour later! She is amazing.

My Sawyer dude is four now:) He was just barely two in my last post! I talked about getting him in to speech therapy ,which i did:), and he LOOOOOVED! He has been tested and his speech is on track for his age:) Sawyer has amazing focus. He loves to just sit and do activities. Be it Legos, playdoh or video games, which he is a freaking pro at! We have had to cut that off:) He would sit and play all day if we let him! His favorite thing is to make his siblings laugh. Which sometimes gets him trouble because he says bad words that make Laney and Atticus crack up. The other day it was penisbutt...we had a loooooong talk about when its ok to talk about penises. But seriously try not to laugh when your baby is saying penisbutt and laughing hysterically:) 

My little Atticus. He was five months in my last post! He is now two and half:) He has an incredible vocabulary, loves to be the center of attention, and loves affection. He is the biggest snuggler, hugger, and kisser you will meet! He is obsessed with Laney and the boys are finally getting along! Atticus wants to do, look and say everything like Sawyer. It just took two years for Sawyer to realize that baby brothers are not so bad:) He has no fear of anything and this has landed him in the ER 3 times now....Stitches in his head, stitches in his finger and a dresser to the nose. I watch him like a hawk. 

Caleb and I are going on our 6th wedding anniversary and we are closer than ever! We have had some big changes lately but I'll take a whole post to talk about that:)

I am so happy to be back!!


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Caleb said...

This makes my heart so happy! I live when you write! Keep it up!! I love you Kate.