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Friday, June 23, 2017

Crazy Cats

I still need help on a new blog name!! I'm trying to get my witty husband to come up with something for me:) I've never met anyone who is as good with words as he is! Seriously. He needs to write a book. Maybe someday...

We had a little makeup sesh with my budding artist! Look at that adorable toothless grin! I could eat her! All of my children have commented on my bad teeth since Laney lost her tooth! The boys were really confused about Lane having a missing tooth. Atticus calls it her broken tooth, so he pointed to my janky tooth and said "oh, mommy broken tooth" bahaha honest little buggers!

The Artist! She has the most beautiful skin!
My before!
 Anybody want to claim this sweatshirt? Mom? Maddy? Alec? I just washed it! Then I wore it....but its still clean-ish!

She was so nervous to do my eyeliner, but I showed her some q-tip magic to clean it up and get a straight-ish line:)

Sawyer had a blast, and got a makeover too:) He kept saying he was Kylee, which is our neighborhood friend who always wears bows:) FREAKING LOVE HIM!!

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