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Sunday, May 1, 2011

poop.rashes and more POOP!

I think their has been poop on every inch of my apartment this weekend. Why? Well my poor Lane has horrible diaper rash since she has diarrhea from being on an antibiotic I mean BAD diaper rash, like screaming crossing her ankles and squeezing her legs together so you can wipe her bad.

So in the morning after I took her diaper off I just wrapped a burp cloth/cloth diaper thing around her butt and sat her in her high chair for breakfast. ya know to catch her pee...........nope she pooped and it was not the turd kind.

So I pulled her out of her seat right away to change it so it would not irritate her skin anymore and shes kicking and grabbing so now the poop is all over her so I sit her in the sink to wash it off since the wipes hurt and I cant grab anything else to wipe her with because i'm holding a twenty lb baby away from me so we are both not coated in poop. So the sink now has poop all over it and I manage to wash a little off while she is climbing up my body. And the saddest/sweetest part is after I change her and she is all upset she just wants to snuggle me even though I just caused her pain:( I love my sweet girl

Any way I eventually clean her up and diapered and I set her down to play and start retracing my steps to clean
1. poop on highchair (disinfect)
2. poop in sink (disinfect)
3. poop in cloth diaper (soak in toilet)
4. poop on pajamas and changing table pad (scrub with dreft stain remover)

phew I hope you were not eating and reading this,I wont talk about poop least not for a while, sorry if this was TMI :)

and I do realize this all could have been avoided if I just put a diaper on her........yes I am complaining about my own error

p.s do you think I could say SO one more time hehe :p

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