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Thursday, May 12, 2011


My friend Jennifer was due with her first daughter...........yesterday. Little baby girl is still cooking so today we are mall walking! I know their are a million things you can eat and drink and do to supposedly go into labor but the only thing my Dr. told me to do was walk, oh and the nurse told me to have lots of sex..... anyway I don't know if it will help or if it really does help but it makes sense to me! It is so HARD to be patient and wait for  your baby! I remember just wanting to get her out to make sure she was healthy, the unknown was killing me!

Oh my and the happiness that comes after you have the baby! I could go on for days about that. You cant even fully explain it or express it, it is just the happiest most love I have ever felt. It is so overwhelming and incredible. I cant wait for my sisters and friends to have babies just so I can see the love in their eyes. It is the best feeling in the world! And don't get me wrong my babydaddy/fiance/husband is my first love:) But the love for a child is just different and quite surprising:)

Please pray for my friend to have a fast and easy labor! I cant wait for her and her husband to welcome the new love of their life's into this world:)

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