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Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mommy

This little princess is sleeping through the night:) yup that was my BIG news:)

I know it seems crazy that she is just now doing this at 10 months old BUT here are my excuses :p

1.As she got older she was waking up less and less so I didnt think any "training" was necessary
2.During the winter she was sick quite a bit and ACTUALLY the only times she slept through the night was when she was sick but when she got better it was like two or three times a night i don't know why that is
3.I really thought she was hungry:)
4.She wasnt

I actually feel a lot happier now that I am getting proper sleep haha who knew ;)

1 comment:

ninnifur said...

hahhahahah I cracked up at your list! I'm soooo glad she is sleeping through the night! Maybe you have just been super sleep deprived for the last 10 months!