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Monday, May 30, 2011


Summer is here and it is oh so sweet:) I can already tell this summer is going to be amazing. Last summer I became a mommy which was AHHHMAZING, but I didnt get to enjoy the summery things.

1. I was too nervous to take my new bundle of joy outside because it was pushing 100 degrees
2. I could not stay awake AT ALL! I wanted to go outside and lay out but the bed was so much more inviting
3. I was a breastfeeding mommy so I was not drinking any alcohol obviously
           I drank a beer yesterday out in the sun while Lane was playing in her pool holy crap they are even                      tastier when you are in the sunshine:)
4. I didnt swim since I had just popped out a baby and didnt get clearance to until mid August ( I dont think I swam after that)

BUT this summer is going to the best yet! My baby girl will turn ONE next month! She already loves the water:) we went to the pool today but it was super packed so we are going to go to our complex's pool during the day tomorrow and hopefully all the kiddos and adults will be at school and work. She loves the outdoors and playing in the grass. I cant wait this is going to be a summer to remember:)

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Ciara said...

Ah I can't wait to go swimming! Maybe Reaghan and I will come over for an day of swimming! :) You guys busy Thursday???