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Sunday, September 25, 2011


My baby girl used her imagination tonight!!! I know that sounds weird to be so excited about but I am! She grabbed a tablespoon out of the drawer when I was getting something out so I let her play with it and I look over at her and she has a big tupperware in her arms and she is pretending to stir something!!! AHHHHH It was so damn cute!!! Then Caleb said can I have some and she ran over to him and pretended to feed him! So I got down there and said I'm hungry too and she came towards me going "waaahh" "wahh" she wanted me to cry like a baby! hahahahaha ( that is another game she plays with a paci ;)) so I started crying and she fed me to make me stop hahaha it was sooo cute I could barely handle it! Then she just kept on stirring and pretending to scoop more ingredients out of other tupperwares! Oh boy I am getting this girl a play kitchen!

 This is from Saturday where she learned how to bake!
 very busy girl
 so excited to be with her JuJu

helping clean up her mess
 icing her cupcake:)
nom nom


ninnifur said...

Holy crap I did not know I could love that girl any more then I already do, but this story just made me love her even more!

I seriously can't believe all of the joy she brings to all of our lives!!!

Its also amazing that she remembered baking with me 2 days before, and used her imagination to do it with you and Caleb!!

I wish I wasn't feeling so crummy in those pics, I look a HOT MESS. oh well, we will always remember that day!!!

JenniferD said...

oh my! she looks extra adorable in these pictures!! I am loving the pigtails and bow in her hair in the last couple especially. I hope you all had a great day today and that Kinsley was a good girl! I wish we could spend some more time together when I'm NOT working! LOL