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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Just another day-ish

Happy Valentines Day!
Today was a pretty normal day around here. It was papas day off and also one of our days with Miss. Kinsley. We hung out at home all day and the girls played:) We were pretty sleepy this morning for reasons I don't know so papa and I snuggled on the couch while the girls played, it was wonderful! I made chicken piccata with baked potatoes for dinner and I must say I think it was my best yet! Laney helped me cook of course, She stood on a chair at the sink and filled up bowls with water using a measuring cup, she told me she was making oatmeal! Oy! That girl makes me smile! Caleb bought me the new twilight movie and I wrote him a lovey, gushy letter:)

I hope I have some good news to announce later this week or early next week! No I am not pregnant, even though my uterus and I wish we were:p and I did just practically eat a whole bag of goldfish:/ I wish I could blame that on pregnancy

Have a lovey valentines day!

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