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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

a lazy couple days

We have had a lazy couple of days around here:) almost all of these pictures are taken from my bed hehe. This was the other night before we put Laney down we laid in mommy and daddys bed and watched some blues clues:)
Laners had a rough day she was pretty whiny all day so she  rested in my bed while I cleaned and let Heidi attack her hands
This was yesterday during the inspection:) sooooo sweet!!!! They both slept for forty five mins
another one of my sweeties:)
This morning Caleb was showing Laney how to use the flashlight on his phone and Kinsley just laid there next to her:) it was soooooo cute!!

I love this picture. She had just woken up from he nap and was sitting on my bed with me:)

I have been very relaxed the past couple of days. When I wanted to get stressed out I just stopped and changed the way I was doing things so that I didnt have to get upset. Like we were going to be late if I showered and put makeup on so I didnt :P I know its gross but it made me a lot more relaxed which made everyone happy. Besides it was just for the inspection.
I think I may be getting sick:( My throat is hurting and I am exhausted. I hope it is just allergies that will go away!

Have a healthy Tuesday night!

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JenniferD said...

I hope you're not getting sick! I LOVE these pictures though! :-)