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Friday, February 24, 2012

20 months

Laney was born on June 30 and their is no 30th in this month so is she twenty months on the 29 or the 1st of March? hmmmm peculiar

They gave her this adorable gown to wear at the doctor!!!!
We went to the doctor for Laneys 18 month check up on Tuesday. We are a little behind on our visits:) Laners is 32.25 inches tall and 24 lbs 13 oz. My little peanut!!! We had to take this twenty month evaluation to make sure that she is developmentally on track. Lets just say she is. Their was a section that asked if she puts two words together and what are they. Does singing happy birthday count? by the way she sings the WHOLE song now and adds different names. Today we sang happy birthday to uncle wee while we were in the bath. I told her we would sing it to Nonna next so we sang it to her too :p but her favorite is to sing it to her aunt Madelyn:) I just love that little girl so much! She has become such a toddler lately!! Everything is NO! The good thing about her extensive vocabulary is we can communicate really well when she is acting stubborn! If she tells me no I give her a choice. When we were in the car the other day I told her we were getting out and she said no so I said "ok you can stay in your car seat" she was like ok out out out! hehehe sneaky mom!

Have a rowdy Friday!

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