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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fall Baby!!

FINALLY!!! I have been trying to write this post for like two weeks now! For some reason when I use the laptop it goes super slow and I just haven't had the patience for it!

About two weeks ago we went to the pumpkin patch. It was pretty chilly but we had a great time!

The corn maze was super cute, but their was a school there too so all these little kids were squirming by us, apparently we were too slow!
Me and my girl! It was CRAZY windy so my hair is all over the place, and I thought we were doing tongues s in the second picture hah
 Laney and her papa:) 

This is Laneys pumpkin I thought it looked so perfect still on its vine and the sun was shining right on it. It was so beautiful seeing the bright orange pumpkins in the fields. 

We came home and Laney painted he pumpkin and I carved the big one we got:)

Those concentrating lips....I do them too

See those concentrating lips...not my best look :)

Seriously that pumpkin was so thick!! Carving pumpkins will defiantly be a mommy thing. Caleb did not love the gooey stuff. Carving pumpkins was a huge deal when I was a kid so I have no problem with it being a mommy thing!!!! I roasted the seeds and ate all of them to myself!! I really want more, I might just carve another one for the seeds! Caleb did eat one seed and he liked it he just didn't want anymore
 Our finished pumpkin! He was a pain in the butt to carve but I was determined!!

I need to add pictures of my Halloween decor I made this year. I am so excited to Trick or Treat with Laney she is so excited! We practice everyday:)

Have a spooky Tuesday night!!!


Caleb said...

I loved that single seed :)

ninnifur said...

lol a single seed! I really did laugh out loud when I read that! I also laughed when I read that your practice trick or treating every day! SO cute!!!!