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Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday randoms

It has been a week since we started potty training and she is doing so well! No accidents, no fuss to go potty AND she tells me when she has to go!! It is so damn sweet:) She wears undies all the time, but wears a diaper to nap and night time. She was dry at nap time today! PROGRESS!!! So far I am the only one who has taken her potty only because Caleb worked a lot last week and I am with her all the time. I hope its not another transition for her to let someone else take her. I guess we will see! I am so incredibly proud of her:)

I made chili tonight for dinner, it was amazing besides the fact that I ate a whole bag of salt and vinegar chips to myself at lunch time so my mouth is in pain.....oooppps. I don't know if many people do this but I add cinnamon to all of my soups. It is freaking delicious. I don't add a lot its just a hint but it makes a huge difference. 

Silly phone pictures from this week

 Leaning on my pillow as I get it ready to be covered:)

Making cupcakes with Juju:)

 I just thought this picture was hilarious!

 I told Laney she was a beauty today and she was cracking up saying "im not a booty!!"
 Rice play:) I buried toys and she got to dig for treasure!

 pretending to sleep in carpool line! She thought it was so fuu that the seat could recline

Caleb got a hair cut today


Can you say YUM?? I love his hair short! This is the first time it has ever been that short since we have been together. He was nervous it would make him look younger but I looooove it!

Have a special Monday Night!

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