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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

17 weeks

I thought I would give a little update on my pregnancy:)

  • I am 17 weeks today
  • My bump is barely there:) 
  • I did not show very fast with Laney, but I did expect to show quicker with this little bugger
  • I really really love salt and vinegar chips!! I pretty much want salty, sour, spicy foods all the time
  • I have gained 5 lbs since my first appointment. I look like I have gained more than that but the scale keeps staying the same!
  • I call it a boy just because its easier than calling it an "IT". I really don't care what we have:) I am just excited to have another baby!
  • I cant feel any movements yet. With Laney I didn't feel her move until after 20 weeks. The Dr. said it could be the placement of the placenta. 

BAH! she is just so stinking cute!!! I LOVE HER!!!

Have a lovely Wednesday night!

1 comment:

ninnifur said...

You are both so stinkin cute!! I pretty much love that hoodie on your daughter... so cute!!!!